Dell OpenManage™ Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter, v1.0.1

The OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter (OMEVV) is designed to streamline the management processes in the data center environment by allowing use of VMware vCenter Server to manage server infrastructure - both physical and virtual. From monitoring system-level information, bubbling up system alerts for action in vCenter, setting baselines for firmware levels, then rolling out firmware updates for an ESXi or vSAN cluster that can leverage DRS, the OpenManage Enterprise Integration will expand and enrich VMware management experience with Dell PowerEdge servers.

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Fixes & Enhancements

Features of OMEVV 1.0.1

-Support for discovering vCenter hosts in OME including Dell OEM hosts.
-Identify and fix compliance of vCenter hosts.
-Include/Remove vCenter hosts from OMEVV management.
-Support for host inventory (Hardware, Firmware, Power monitoring, Storage, Warranty and Hardware logs(above 13G)).
-Support for iDRAC alerts and vCenter alarms for critical alerts.
-VMware Proactive High Availability support (only for non-modular servers).
-Support for Cluster-aware and standalone hosts firmware update using Dell online and custom catalogs.
-Firmware update through VMware Lifecycle management.
-Firmware drift detection and reporting.
-Support for user facing logs to record and monitor OMEVV tasks.
-Support for OMEVV log bundles from OME web console.
-RESTful APIs with access control for all supported features in addition to vCenter user interface.
-Support for management of up to 4,000 vCenter managed hosts within a single OME + OMEVV instance.

Fix for OMEVV/OMES interoperability issue. Prior to this update OMES plugin registration would fail when OMEVV/OMES are both installed in OME 3.9.
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Version, A00

Release date

19 Sep 2022

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Systems Management


Dell Technologies recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains changes to maintain overall system health. It ensures that the system software remains current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers, and software) and may include other new features.
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Additional details

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VMware ESXi 6.7
VMWare ESXi 7.0
1. Launch OpenManage Enterprise(OME).
2. In Application Settings, click Console and Plugins tab.
3. In OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter section, click Install.
4. Review and ensure that you meet the list of prerequisites that are mentioned under the Prerequisite section.
5. In Install Details, select the required version of OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter from the Version(s) drop-down menu, and then click Download Plugin.
6. Once the download completes, click Install Plugin.
7. Review the End User License Agreement and then click Accept option.
8. In the confirmation window, the number of logged in users, in-progress jobs, and scheduled jobs are displayed. To confirm the installation, select I agree that I have captured the snapshot of the OM Enterprise appliance prior to the upgrade option, and then click Confirm Install.

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