Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials 2.4.0

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OpenManage Essentials is a web-based one-to-many systems management application that provides a comprehensive view of server, storage and networking devices in the datacenter. OpenManage Essentials simplifies and automates your most essential hardware management tasks by providing the functionalities :
- Discover and inventory the system.
- Monitor the health of the system.
- View and manage system alerts.
- Perform system updates and remote tasks.
- View server f/w and configuration compliance reports against pre-defined sever and chassis baselines.
- Deploy or re-provision a server, chassis, or an I/O Aggregator (IOA).
- Provision server boot from SAN.

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Fixes & Enhancements

- Sorting by 'IPv4 Address' column was not proper in 'NIC Information' report under Reports then Managed Systems Reports then Server Inventory.
- Sorting by 'Remaining Rated Write Endurance' column was not proper in 'Hard Drive Information' report under Reports then Managed Systems Reports then Server Inventory.
- The guests are not added automatically under Hyper-V host groups when target(s) and OpenManage Essentials server are having non-English operating system.
- Inventory collector component update task either times out or fails to install.
- OpenManage Essentials GUI takes a long time to load and view a deployment template.
- PowerShell ExecutionPolicy does not revert back to original state after installing OpenManage Essentials.
- After upgrading Troubleshooting Tool, the SNMP Trap Listener fails to start with 'Entry Point Not Found' error.
- MD Array storage alerts are always received with 'Unknown' severity.
- System update fails when a server having OMSA is discovered using SNMP protocol.
- Server host name is displayed under RAC group after a discovery cycle when 'Always display RAC device name under RAC group' setting is enabled under Settings then Device Tree Settings.
- 32-bit update packages are being filtered out for servers running 64-bit operating system while generating compliance reports.
- OpenManage Essentials cannot connect to Bing map provider.
- Supported devices get classified as unknown when discovered with 'Discover the selected Device Types only' setting enabled under Settings then Discovery Settings.

New Features
- Support of streaming functionality for the server configuration deployment and configuration compliance tasks.
- Ability to create and manage multiple firmware baselines from repository manager files.
- Support for associating custom device groups with a firmware baseline.
- Support for generating firmware compliance report of custom device groups and updating noncompliant devices based on compliance report.
- Support for the latest models of 14th generation PowerEdge servers and networking devices.
- REST API enhancements:
1. To list and manage discovery ranges for the discovered devices.
2. To manage device groups, add and delete devices from the device groups.
3. To generate firmware compliance reports of device groups.
4. To generate configuration compliance reports of device groups.
5. To view additional inventory information such as controllers, physical disks, power supplies, switches, and virtual disks related information displayed in OpenManage Essentials GUI.

- Ability to view configuration compliance reports of device groups.
- Ability to view the number of tasks being executed.


Version 2.4.0, A00


Systems Management

Release date

23 Jan 2018

Last Updated

11 Sep 2018


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File Format: Application
File Name: OpenManageEssentials_2_4_A00.exe
Download Type: HTTP
File Size: 1.16 GB
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Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2016
OpenManage Essentials
Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials:
1. Download & Copy the EXE to a temporary folder.
2. Double click on the EXE to extract the files and launch the installer.
3. Click Install. Make sure to review Readme file.
4. Download the EXE file, and run from your local drive and install.
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