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Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise Version 2.0.21 Windows Management Server

SupportAssist Enterprise is an application that automates technical support for your Dell EMC server, storage, networking and chassis devices. SupportAssist Enterprise monitors your Dell EMC devices and proactively detects hardware issues that may occur. When a hardware issue is detected, SupportAssist Enterprise automatically opens a support case with Dell EMC Technical Support and sends an email notification. Data required for troubleshooting the issue is automatically collected by SupportAssist Enterprise and sent securely to Technical Support. The collected data helps Technical Support to provide an enhanced, personalized, and efficient support experience. SupportAssist Enterprise capability also includes a proactive response from Technical Support to resolve the issue.

Fixes & Enhancements

1. Fixed issue related OpenManage Essentials Adapter
2. TLS 1.2 support for OpenManage Essentials adapter
3. Fixed issues related to Upgrade
4. Fixed issues related OpenManage Enterprise adapter resync

1. Retention of installer and migration logs while upgrading SupportAssist Enterprise, for troubleshooting purposes
2. Support for additional device models, operating systems, and newer firmware versions
3. Support for newer collection attributes from Server, Storage, and Networking devices
4. OM Enterprise support for OEM devices


Version , A00



Release date

13 May 2019

Last Updated

13 May 2019


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Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019 LTSC
Dell SupportAssist for Servers
To install SupportAssist Enterprise on a Windows operating system:
1. Right-click the SupportAssist Enterprise installer package and select Run as administrator.
NOTE: Microsoft User Access Control (UAC) requires that the installation is performed with elevated privileges that are obtained only through the Run as administrator option. If you are logged on to system as an Administrator, double-click the installer package to install SupportAssist Enterprise. However, make sure that you acknowledge the Open File - Security Warning dialog box to proceed.The Preparing to Install page is displayed briefly, and then the Welcome to SupportAssist Enterprise Installer page is displayed.
2. Click Next.
The License Agreement page is displayed.
NOTE: Installing and using SupportAssist Enterprise requires that you allow Dell to save certain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as your contact information, device credentials, and so on. SupportAssist Enterprise installation cannot proceed unless you agree to allow Dell to save your PII.
3. Read about the information that SupportAssist collects from monitored devices, and select I Agree.
4. Read the Dell End User License Agreement, select I Agree, and then click Install.
The Installing SupportAssist Enterprise page is displayed briefly and then the Installation Completed page is displayed.
5. Click Finish to exit the SupportAssist Enterprise installer.The SupportAssist Enterprise Login page opens in a web browser window.
NOTE: If the system is a member of a domain, you must provide the user name in the [Domain\Username] format. For example, MyDomain\MyUsername.
You can also use a period [ . ] to indicate the local domain. For example, .\Administrator.
6. Type the Microsoft Windows operating system user name and password, and then click Log In. The SupportAssist Enterprise Registration Wizard is displayed.
7. Follow the instructions in the Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise Registration Wizard to complete the registration of SupportAssist Enterprise
SupportAssist Enterprise monitors hardware issues that occur on Dell EMC server, Dell EMC networking, Dell EMC Storage MD series, Dell EMC Storage PS series devices, Dell Chassis and Dell EMC Storage ME4 devices
Note: Monitoring of hardware issues in Storage PS series is supported only if the device is added in SupportAssist Enterprise through the OM Essentials adapter