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Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials 2.5.0

Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials is a web-based one-to-many systems management application that provides a comprehensive view of Dell EMC servers, storage, and networking devices in a data center. OpenManage Essentials simplifies and automates your most essential hardware management tasks by providing the following features:
- Discover and inventory devices
- Monitor the health of devices
- View and manage system alerts
- Perform system updates and remote tasks
- View server firmware and configuration compliance reports against pre-defined sever and chassis baselines
- Deploy or re-provision a server, chassis, or an I/O Aggregator (IOA)
- Provision to boot servers from SAN.

Fixes & Enhancements

- OpenManage Essentials upgrade failure due to timeout of database operations during installation.
- Non-compliant systems view taking a long time to load or crashing the console.
- 64-bit update packages are being filtered out for systems that are running 32-bit operating system.
- Command execution triggers invalid syntax errors when running racadm job queue view.
ERROR: RAC917: The syntax of the specified command is not correct.
- The monthly scheduled tasks do not start if the start hour is before the number of hours in the time zone difference.
- User added to OMESiteAdministrator does not get proper access until the group is edited and saved for the second time.
- Warranty data is not refreshed when new warranties are assigned with same ItemNumber.
- Certain REST APIs does not return data under Devices by group query.
- 64-bit update packages are being filtered out for PowerEdge VRTX chassis.
- 14th generation XC Appliances are not categorized properly in the device tree.
- Users have no indication that configuration inventory credentials can only be edited by the user that created them.

- Enhanced view to display catalog baselines associated to the custom device groups.
- Adhering to iDRAC reboot requirements when updating components through an out-of-band method.

New Features:
- Support for the following features of a MX7000 chassis - as a standalone chassis and as a lead chassis in a multi-chassis management group:
a. Discovery, inventory, monitoring, and status polling
b.Alerts recognition and traps classification
c. System updates
d. Configuration template creation and deployment
e. Configuration compliance and remediation
f. Configuring VLANs by using the blade server template deployment feature.
- Support for the latest 14th generation PowerEdge servers including new blade servers of MX7000 chassis.
- Support for PowerEdge MX7000 modular enclosure.
- Support for VxFlex Ready Nodes.


Version 2.5.0, A00


Systems Management

Release date

18 Oct 2018

Last Updated

16 Jan 2019


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File Format:Application
File Name:OpenManageEssentials_2_5_A00.exe
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Format Description:Application
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Compatible Systems
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2012
Not Applicable
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2016
Applies to
OpenManage Essentials
Installation instructions
To install OpenManage Essentials version 2.5:
1. Download and extract the OpenManage Essentials installation package.
2. Double-click the Autorun.exe file available in the folder where you extracted the installation package.
3. In the OpenManage Install window, select Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials, and click Install.
4. After the installation is complete, you can view the Readme file and start OpenManage Essentials.
For additional resources on OpenManage Essentials, visit or
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