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Using the CROSH diagnostics on your Dell Chromebook

Refer to the sections for guidance to the CROSH diagnostics, how to use them on a Dell Chromebook and information about resolving charging issues. Table of Contents: What are the CROSH diagnostics? Read more

Dell Chromebook Keyboard Guide

This guide will take you through the use of your keyboard. This particular keyboard has some special functions, we will go into details on what they are and how to use them. If this article doesn' ... Read more

Preparing Chromebooks for Storage

Table of Contents: Overview Battery Management Prepare your Chromebooks for Long-Term Storage Chromebook Battery Long Term Storage Best Practices Get your Chromebooks Ready for Back to School Read more

Accessories Supported on Dell Chromebook Computers

Table of Contents: Items Supported by Chromebook Unsupported Items 1. Items Supported by Chromebook These USB devices are supported: USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices Keyboards Mice USB hubs Optical drives Read more

Getting started with the Dell Chromebook

Note: The Chromebook ships in a special mode to prevent accidental battery discharge during shipping. You must connect a A/C adapter to the Chromebook for the initial boot and setup. After the ... Read more

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