Inspiron 3542

Inspiron 3542

Service Tag: F06K812


Express Service Code: 32662756262

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Inspiron 3542

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Inspiron 3542

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Dell Help & Support - Application Fails to Launch with 'Failure to Connect to Service' Error Message

Some computers are shipping with an older version of the Dell Help & Support application. When the application is launched, a message stating the application "failed to connect to the service" is ... Read more

Certain systems may halt at POST screen (Dell Logo) due to HDD partition problem

Due to an HDD partition issue certain systems may fail to boot up and will halt at Dell logo (POST). In testing, after removing the HDD the system can pass Dell Logo and will proceed to report no ... Read more

Black border around the LCD of certain Inspiron and Vostro Touch Screen systems

On certain systems you may observe that the image does not fill all of the screen and a black border appears around the edge of the screen. This design feature is to allow the Swipe/Slide from the ... Read more

How to Use and Troubleshoot the Inspiron 3542

Table of Contents: Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Broadband) How-to's and Troubleshooting Dell Windows Support Center Mouse, Keyboard or Touchpad Not Working Correctly The ... Read more

Windows 7 recovery image download available with USB 3.1 and NVMe driver support

If you require a recovery image and have downgrade rights to Windows 7 professional while running a Dell computer with an Intel 6th generation processor, known as a Skylake chipset, a compatible ... Read more

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