Latitude E7470

Latitude E7470

Service Tag: BPRPGC2


Express Service Code: 25502797298

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Latitude E7470

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Latitude E7470

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How to Enable or Disable Pinch Zoom on a Alps Multi-Touch Touchpad in Windows 10

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Follow the instructions to learn how to enable or disable the Pinch Zoom function the Alps Multi-Touch Touchpad installed on your Latitude 3330, Latitude 3340, Latitude 3350, Latitude 5280/5288, ...

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Dell Laptop Battery - Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn about batteries on a Dell laptop PC and find answers to common questions about: Charging and discharging Warranty status Battery health Battery maintenance Note: Like most laptops, Dell ...

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How to Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Battery Issues

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Dell Latitude E7470 System Guide

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Quick Links Getting Started with your Dell System System Documentation - User Guides/Manuals Find your Service Tag and Express Service Code Warranty Status and Service information Change of System ...

Last Modified: 09 Mar 2020

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USB boot device missing from the F12 boot menu on the Latitude E7470

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The Latitude E7470 may encounter an issue where the USB boot device doesn't appear in the boot select mode (F12) screen. This article provides steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue. USB ...

Last Modified: 20 Feb 2020

Article ID: SLN302982

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Dell Latitude E7470Regulatory Model P61GRegulatory Type P61G001

DELL Regulatory and Environmental Datasheet
DELL Regulatory and Environmental Datasheet

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