Dell Latitude E7240/E7440 Ubuntu driver package

This package provides Dell Latitude E7240/E7440 Ubuntu driver package (Ubuntu 12.04.2) and is supported on Latitude E7240/E7440 running the following Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04.

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Version A03, A03



Release date

23 Oct 2013

Last Updated

30 May 2014


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Intel Chipset Device Software
1) Download the latest Dell Ubuntu image from

2) Create a bootable USB stick or DVD with the Dell Ubuntu image.
a) From Windows, to burn a bootable DVD:
b) From Ubuntu, to burn a bootable DVD:
c) From Ubuntu to burn a bootable USB stick:

3) Boot the system on which you plan to install Ubuntu from the USB stick or DVD you created previously. You may need to press F12 at the Dell logo screen when you turn on the machine to get a boot device selection menu.

4) Choose the target installation drive and follow the on-screen directions to install Ubuntu

5) During the install, system may reboot a couple of times.

6) After install is completed, you will be dropped to the login screen

7) Login to the system and download the single driver package
a) If target system has Internet access, download driver package directly from the browser to the system
b) If target system does not have Internet access, download driver package on an alternate system that has Internet access and copy it over to the target system using removable storage media such as a USB key.

8) Click the folder icon in the Unity panel on the target system and locate the downloaded driver package file.

9) Double click the driver package file.

10) Follow the on-screen directions to install all drivers.

11) At the end of the driver installation procedure, you will be prompted to reboot the system. Reboot the system.

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