Conexant D110,HDA,MDC,v.92,modem, v.V7.60.00.06, A00

Linux driver for ubuntu OS x86 32bit V7.60.00.06

Fixes & Enhancements

Initial Release


Version V7.60.00.06, A00



Release date

10 Jul 2007

Last Updated

03 Nov 2011


Available formats

File Format:Hard-Drive
File Name:hsfmodem_7.60.00.06oem_i386.deb
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 1 MB
Format Description:This file format is an archive of files that may be installed using the native RPM program.
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
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Supported Operating Systems
Ubuntu Desktop 7.04
Applies to
D110, HDA, MDC, v.92, modem
Installation instructions
Custom Instructions for hsfmodem_7.60.00.06oem_i386.deb:

* Download the hsfmodem_(version).deb to your desktop.
* Double-click the hsfmodem_(version).deb file. The Package Installer will launch
* Click "Install Package"
* The system prompts you for your system password. Type your password in the password field and press .
* The Installing Package File window appears. Click on the empty right triangle to the left of the word Terminal in the Installing Package File window.
* A terminal window appears within the Installing Package File window. Click anywhere inside the terminal window and press . The system builds the correct driver for your system.
* Press to accept the default when the terminal prompts you to enter a region name for the modem.
* After a few seconds, the name of the window changes from Installing Package File to Installation Finished. Click Close.

The hsfmodem modem driver is now installed on your system.
Warning: Do not turn off your computer or disconnect from your power source while updating the BIOS or you may harm your computer. During the update, your computer will restart and you will briefly see a black screen.

This driver has been tested by both the independent software vendor (ISV) and Dell on the operating systems, graphics cards, and application supported by your device to ensure maximum compatibility and performance. Details

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).