Checking for SupportAssist

You need SupportAssist

You need SupportAssist

SupportAssist downloads automatically to your device. If the download doesn't begin in a few seconds, retry download.

Detecting Product

Dell's SupportAssist application is used to detect your PC and run diagnostic and driver-update scans. Please wait while we check to see if SupportAssist is installed on your device.

What you get with SupportAssist

SupportAssist is a powerful support application that helps keep your system running at its best, proactively identifies issues, and enables you to run diagnostics and driver-update scans. Learn more

Immediate detection, long-term support

Once installed, SupportAssist will detect your system immediately and then be available on your PC to use anytime.

I have read and agree to the SupportAssist Terms and Conditions.

These terms include important provisions relating to Privacy, Software and Data Use, Support, and Marketing by Dell.

How to install SupportAssist

  • 1) Run the SupportAssist Launcher

    Click on the downloaded file SupportAssistLauncher.exe located in the bottom or top of your browser window or in your Downloads (Ctrl+J).

  • 2) Follow the on-screen prompts
  • 3) Product detection will begin automatically
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