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Artikelnummer: 000194414

Dell Response to Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

Zusammenfassung: On December 10, 2021, a critical remote code vulnerability was published concerning the Apache Log4j library. Dell is in the process of assessing potential impact to its products.



Security KB




Apache Publication: Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution 

CVE Details: CVE-2021-44228 


Dell is reviewing the recently published Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution vulnerability being tracked in CVE-2021-44228 and assessing impact on our products. The security of our products is a top priority and critical to protecting our customers.  

Dell will continue to provide updates regarding impacted and not impacted products. Customers are encouraged to revisit this article on a regular basis to see the latest product status as it becomes available. For additional questions about Apache Log4j, please review the Q&A: Additional Information for Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Vulnerable Products 

The following products are confirmed as impacted by the Apache Log4j vulnerability:  


Mitigation or Workaround   

Security Update Release Timeline   

APEX Console   


Cloud environment patched  

APEX Data Storage Services   


Cloud environment patch in progress  

Cloud IQ   


Cloud environment patched  

Connectrix (Cisco MDS DCNM)  


See DSA-2021-302 

Connectrix B-Series SANnav   

See DSA-2021-266  

Patch expected by 2022-02-28 

Data Domain OS   


See DSA-2021-274  

Dell EMC Avamar   


Patches in progress, see DSA-2021-277  for available patches 

Dell EMC BSN Controller Node  


See DSA-2021-305  

Dell EMC Cloud Disaster Recovery   


See DSA-2021-289 

Dell EMC Data Protection Advisor  


See DSA-2021-309   

Dell EMC Data Protection Central   


See DSA-2021- 269  

Dell EMC Data Protection Search   


See DSA-2021-279 



See DSA-2021-273 

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud   

See DSA-2021-270  

Refer to DSA for product updates   

Dell EMC Enterprise Storage Analytics for vRealize Operations   


See DSA-2021-278  

Dell EMC Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI  


See DSA-2021-307 

Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub   


Patch expected by 2022-01-31 

Dell EMC Metro Node   


See DSA-2021-308 

Dell EMC NetWorker   


See DSA-2021-280 

Dell EMC NetWorker VE  


See DSA-2021-280 

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise  Modular   


See DSA-2021-268  

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Services   


See DSA-2021-276 

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise 


See DSA-2021-275 

Dell EMC PowerFlex Appliance   

See DSA-2021-293  

Patch pending   

Dell EMC PowerFlex Software (SDS)  


See DSA-2021-272  

Dell EMC PowerFlex Rack  

See DSA-2021-292  

Patch expected  2022-02-04 

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager   


See DSA-2021-286  

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series Appliance (iDPA)   

See DSA 2021-285 

Patch expected 2022-05-01 

Dell EMC PowerStore   


See DSA-2021-295 

Dell EMC RecoverPoint   


See DSA 2021-284 

Dell EMC Ruckus SmartZone 300 Controller  


See DSA-2021-303  

Dell EMC Ruckus SmartZone 100 Controller  


See DSA-2021-303  

Dell EMC Ruckus Virtual Software  


See DSA-2021-303  

Dell EMC SRM    


See DSA-2021-301 

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform   


See DSA-2021-297 

Dell EMC Unity   


See DSA-2021-294 

Dell EMC vProtect 


See DSA-2022-007 

Dell EMC VxRail   

See DSA-2021-265   

Patch pending  

Dell EMC XC 


See DSA-2021-311 

Secure Connect Gateway (SCG) Appliance   


See DSA-2021-282  

Secure Connect Gateway (SCG) Policy Manager   


See DSA-2021-281  

SRS Policy Manager  


See DSA-2021-287 

Storage Center - Dell Storage Manager  


See DSA-2021-310 

SupportAssist Enterprise   


See DSA-2021-283 

Unisphere Central   


See DSA-2021-296 


See vce6771 (requires customer login)  

Patch pending   

VNXe 1600  


See DSA-2021-299 

VNXe 3200  


See DSA-2021-298 


See vce6771 (requires customer login)  

Patch pending  

vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Plug-ins for Dell EMC Storage  


See DSA-2021-300  

vRealize Data Protection Extension Data Management  


See DSA-2021-290 

Wyse Management Suite   


See DSA-2021-267 

Products Confirmed Not Vulnerable: 

The following products are not impacted by the Apache Log4j vulnerability: 

  • Alienware Command Center 
  • Alienware OC Controls 
  • Alienware On Screen Display  
  • Alienware Update 
  • Ansible for Dell EMC Storage 
  • Atmos 
  • Avamar vproxy 
  • CalMAN Powered Calibration Firmware 
  • CalMAN Ready for Dell 
  • Centera 
  • Chassis Management Controller (CMC)  
  • China HDD Deluxe 
  • CloudIQ Collector 
  • Cloud Mobility for Dell EMC Storage 
  • Cloud Tiering Appliance 
  • Common Event Enabler 
  • Connectrix (Cisco MDS 9000 switches) 
  • Connectrix B Series  
  • CyberSense for PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 
  • Dell BSAFE Crypto-C Micro Edition 
  • Dell BSAFE Crypto-J 
  • Dell BSAFE Micro Edition Suite 
  • Dell Calibration Assistant 
  • Dell Cinema Color 
  • Dell Client Platforms (Latitude, OptiPlex, Alienware, Inspiron, Precision, XPS, Vostro, ChengMing) BIOS 
  • Dell Cloud Command Repository Manager 
  • Dell Cloud Management Agent  
  • Dell Color Management 
  • Dell Command Configure  
  • Dell Command Integration Suite for System Center  
  • Dell Command Intel vPro Out of Band  
  • Dell Command Monitor  
  • Dell Command Power Manager  
  • Dell Command PowerShell Provider  
  • Dell Command Update 
  • Dell Customer Connect 
  • Dell Data Guardian* 
  • Dell Data Protection* 
  • Dell Data Recovery Environment  
  • Dell Data Vault 
  • Dell Data Vault for Chrome OS 
  • Dell Deployment Agent 
  • Dell Digital Delivery 
  • Dell Direct USB Key 
  • Dell Display Manager 1.5 for Windows / macOS 
  • Dell Display Manager 2.0 for Windows / macOS 
  • Dell EMC AppSync 
  • Dell EMC Cloudboost 
  • Dell EMC CloudLink 
  • Dell EMC Container Storage Modules 
  • Dell EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA) 
  • Dell EMC DataIQ 
  • Dell EMC Disk Library for Mainframe 
  • Dell EMC GeoDrive 
  • Dell EMC Isilon InsightIQ 
  • Dell EMC License Manager 
  • Dell EMC Networking Onie
  • Dell EMC Networking Virtual Edge Platform with VersaOS   
  • Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules 
  • Dell EMC OpenManage integration for Splunk 
  • Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter 
  • Dell EMC OpenManage Management Pack for vRealize Operations  
  • Dell EMC OpenManage Operations Connector for Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager 
  • Dell EMC PowerMax, VMAX, VMAX3 and VMAX AFA 
  • Dell EMC PowerPath 
  • Dell EMC PowerPath Management Appliance 
  • Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 
  • Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS 
  • Dell EMC PowerShell for PowerMax 
  • Dell EMC PowerShell for Powerstore 
  • Dell EMC PowerShell for Unity 
  • Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z9264F-ON BMC, Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON BMC 
  • Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series Storage Arrays  
  • PowerVault MDSM 
  • PowerVault ML3 
  • PowerVault ML3e 
  • PowerVault TL1000
  • PowerVault TL2k/4K 
  • PowerVault ML6K 
  • PowerVault LTO 
  • PowerVault MD3 
  • PowerVault MD14(xx) 
  • PowerVault NX440 
  • PowerVault NX3240 
  • PowerVault NX3340 
  • Dell EMC Repository Manager (DRM) 
  • Dell EMC SourceOne 
  • Dell EMC Systems Update (DSU) 
  • Dell EMC Unisphere 360 
  • Dell EMC Virtual Storage Integrator  
  • Dell EMC VPLEX 
  • Dell EMC XtremIO 
  • Dell Encryption Enterprise* 
  • Dell Encryption Personal* 
  • Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise 
  • Dell Hybrid Client 
  • Dell ImageAssist 
  • Dell Insights Client 
  • Dell Linux Assistant 
  • Dell Memory Solutions 
  • Dell Mobile Connect 
  • Dell Monitor ISP (Windows/Mac/Linux) 
  • Dell Monitor SDK 
  • Dell Networking X-Series 
  • Dell OpenManage Mobile 
  • Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 
  • Dell OpenManage Change Management 
  • Dell OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager Plugin 
  • Dell OpenManage Enterprise CloudIQ plugin 
  • Dell Optimizer 
  • Dell OS Recovery Tool 
  • Dell Peripheral Manager 1.4 / 1.5 for Windows 
  • Dell Platform Service 
  • Dell Power Manager 
  • Dell Power Manager Lite 
  • Dell Precision Optimizer 
  • Dell Precision Optimizer for Linux 
  • Dell Premier Color 
  • Dell Recovery (Linux) 
  • Dell Remediation Platform 
  • Dell Remote Execution Engine (DRONE) 
  • Dell Security Advisory Update - DSA-2021-088 
  • Dell Security Management Server & Dell Security Management Server Virtual* 
  • Dell SupportAssist SOS 
  • Dell Thin OS  
  • Dell Threat Defense 
  • Dell True Color 
  • Dell Trusted Device  
  • Dell Update 
  • Dream Catcher 
  • DUP Creation Service 
  • DUP Framework (ISG) 
  • Embedded NAS 
  • Embedded Service Enabler 
  • Equallogic PS & PS Apps
  • Fluid FS 
  • iDRAC Service Module (iSM)  
  • Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) 
  • ISG Drive & Storage Media 
  • IsilonSD Management Server 
  • Mainframe Enablers 
  • MDS 
  • My Dell 
  • MyDell Mobile 
  • NetWorker Management Console 
  • Networking BIOS 
  • Networking N-Series 
  • Networking OS 10 
  • Networking OS 9 
  • Networking SD-WAN Edge SD-WAN  
  • Networking W-Series 
  • Networking X-Series 
  • OMIMSSC (OpenManage Integration for Microsoft System Center) 
  • OMNIA 
  • OpenManage Connections - Nagios 
  • OpenManage Connections - ServiceNow 
  • OpenManage Essentials 
  • OpenManage Integration for Microsoft System Center for System Center Operations Manager 
  • OpenManage Integration with Microsoft Windows Admin Center 
  • OpenManage Network Integration 
  • PowerConnect N3200 
  • PowerConnect PC2800 
  • PowerConnect PC8100 
  • PowerEdge Accelerator Solutions  
  • PowerEdge BIOS 
  • PowerEdge Networking Solutions 
  • PowerEdge Operating Systems 
  • PowerEdge RAID Controller Solutions 
  • PowerTools Agent 
  • PPDM Kubernetes cProxy 
  • PPDM VMware vProxy 
  • Remotely Anywhere 
  • Rugged Control Center (RCC) 
  • SD ROM Utility 
  • SDNAS 
  • Smart Fabric Storage Software 
  • SmartByte 
  • SMI-S 
  • Software RAID 
  • Solutions Enabler 
  • Solutions Enabler vApp 
  • Sonic 
  • SRS VE 
  • Storage Center OS and additional SC applications unless otherwise noted 
  • SupportAssist Client Commercial 
  • SupportAssist Client Consumer 
  • UCC Edge 
  • Unisphere for PowerMax 
  • Unisphere for PowerMax vApp 
  • Unisphere for VMAX 
  • Unisphere for VNX 
  • Update Manager Plugin 
  • ViPR Controller 
  • VNX Control Station 
  • VNX1 
  • VNX2 
  • VPLEX VS2/VS6 / VPLEX Witness  
  • Vsan Ready Nodes 
  • Wyse Proprietary OS (ThinOS) 
  • Wyse Windows Embedded Suite 

* See https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/000194496 for more information 

Any security updates or mitigations will be communicated at https://www.dell.com/support/security as soon as they become available. You can subscribe to our Security Alerts to be notified when these Security Advisories are posted by following the guidance here,or by following the directions in the Security Alerts section on the Security Advisories and Notices page


Customers are encouraged to follow security best practices including those recommended by Apache (Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution), and continue to monitor this notice for further updates as they become available.

Die Informationen sollten gelesen und verwendet werden, um Situationen zu vermeiden, die sich aus den hier beschriebenen Problemen ergeben können. Dell Technologies veröffentlicht Sicherheitsempfehlungen, Sicherheitshinweise und Informationsartikel, um den Nutzern der betroffenen Produkte wichtige Sicherheitsinformationen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Dell Technologies bewertet das Risiko auf der Grundlage eines Durchschnittswerts der Risiken für eine Vielzahl von installierten Systemen. Dies stellt möglicherweise nicht das tatsächliche Risiko für Ihre lokale Installation und die individuelle Umgebung dar. Es wird empfohlen, dass alle Nutzer die Anwendbarkeit dieser Informationen auf ihre individuellen Umgebungen bestimmen und entsprechende Maßnahmen ergreifen. Die hier dargelegten Informationen werden in der vorliegenden Form ohne jegliche Gewährleistung bereitgestellt. Dell Technologies schließt nachdrücklich jegliche ausdrückliche oder implizite Haftung aus, einschließlich der Haftung für die Marktgängigkeit, Eignung für einen bestimmten Verwendungszweck, Eigentumsrechte und Nichtverletzung. Dell Technologies, seine Tochtergesellschaften oder seine Lieferanten übernehmen keine Haftung für Schäden, die sich aus den hierin enthaltenen Informationen oder aus Handlungen ergeben oder damit in Zusammenhang stehen, die Sie aufgrund dieser Informationen ergreifen, einschließlich unmittelbarer Schäden, mittelbarer Schäden, beiläufig entstandener Schäden und Folgeschäden, entgangener Gewinne oder bezifferbarer Vermögenschäden, selbst wenn Dell Technologies, seine Tochtergesellschaften oder seine Lieferanten auf die Möglichkeit solcher Schäden hingewiesen wurden. Da es in einigen Ländern nicht zulässig ist, die Haftung für Folgeschäden oder beiläufig entstandene Schäden auszuschließen oder zu beschränken, gelten die vorstehenden Haftungsausschlüsse im gesetzlich zulässigen Umfang.


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Security KB

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