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PowerDVD unable to play UHD-BD video

Summary: Information about a Cyberlink PowerDVD issue. PowerDVD doesn't play UHD-BD videos on PCs with certain hardware profiles.

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The following article provides information about a Cyberlink PowerDVD issue. PowerDVD does not play UHD-BD videos on PCs with certain hardware profiles.


PowerDVD does not play any Ultra HD Blu-ray videos


PowerDVD users cannot play any Ultra HD Blu-ray (UHD-BD) formatted video on systems using Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX). This issue occurred on all versions of PowerDVD on August 17, 2019.


Intel recommends you do not use SGX on Intel Comet Lake and Rocket Lake platforms, as it will not be supported by Intel going forward.

Dell PowerDVD:

Cyberlink advised that Intel has removed SGX support and that the UHD-BD format is no longer supportable.


PowerDVD versions 18 and 19 are the current products and they will not be updated for UHD-BD function removal. UHD-BD playback is a hardware dependent feature. As it depends on whether SGX is presented. If the hardware or SGX is not supported, then the feature will not work.


(Figure.1 Supported formats)

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This is a known issue, that Intel, and Cyberlink acknowledge impacts PowerDVD for the UHD-BD format. This issue occurs on any PC which uses PowerDVD and has the affected hardware profile.

If you have a system that uses the Comet or Rocket Lake platform or uses the Intel SGX hardware, PowerDVD will not run any UHD-BD videos. This is the software working as designed.

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21 Feb 2021



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