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Downloading Software for your Alienware System

Summary: Dell software application sites to download your purchased applications.

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Table of Contents

  1. Where to download?
  2. How to download?

This article explains how to download software purchased or preinstalled with your Alienware system using Dell Download Center and Alienware Digital Delivery

Supported Systems:

  • All Alienware Systems

Where to download?

There are 2 options to download software that vary depending on your system model and software type

  1. Alienware Digital Delivery

    Alienware Digital Delivery is a preinstalled application that will automatically download and install all the software that you purchased with your system. This process will be part of the initial setup of your system when you turn it on for the first time

    Important: Alienware Digital Delivery is only available on systems shipped after June 1st, 2011
  2. Dell Download Center

    Dell Download Center contains options for all the software purchased for your Dell system.

    This is for software you purchase once you have received your system and also promotional software like free game bundles will be distributed through Dell Digital Locker

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How to download?

Alienware Digital Delivery will only install software that was added to your order when you were configuring your Alienware system.

When you start your systenm for the first time just do the following:

  1. Accept the license agreement and make sure to allow Dell to collect service tag data, this vital to receive updates and important messages
  2. A list of you available software will be displayed, just click Download Now
  3. The download will begin and once done you can click on the Install button next to each software
Important: If you just reinstalled Windows from scratch and you don't have the Alienware Digital Delivery Software you can download it from our Drivers and Downloads page.
Alienware Digital Delivery is only available on systems shipped after June 1st, 2011

My Digital Locker can only be accessed once you have purchased software from the Dell Software Download Store.

  1. Browse the catalog of software for titles that interest you, then click Add to Cart and go through the check out process. You will soon receive a confirmation email with complete instructions for downloading your software.
  2. A message box appears asking if you want to run the application. Click Run.
  3. After a successful download, the screen displays a link to install the software. To install the software, click Install
  4. Software downloads are stored in the folder named My Dell Downloads located in the My Documents folder

If you need to reinstall software that you already purchased just go to My Digital Locker page and download the software.

Free game promotions

If your system had a promotion for a free game you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to get your free game through My Digital Locker

  • E-mail may take up to two weeks to get to you, please check your spam folder for this e-mail
  • Some games are offered before its release date inwhich case the e-mail will be sent up to two weeks after the release date of the game
  • If the above time has passed and you did not get your email send an e-mail to

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