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PowerPath/VE fails to claim devices

Article Number: 531848
Version: 3
Article Type: Break Fix
Last Published: 13 Mar 2020
Summary: PowerPath/VE fails to claim devices

PowerPath/VE fails to claim devices

OS:  VMware ESXi 6.5.0 build-8935087
     VMware ESXi 6.5.0 Update 2
EMC SW: PowerPath/VE for VMware 6.3
HBA driver: qfle3f

2018-10-24T18:51:36.475Z cpu44:214225)WARNING: ScsiClaimrule: 1331: Path vmhba66:C0:T1:L39 is claimed by plugin NMP, but current claimrule number 270 indicates that it should be claimed by plugin PowerPath.
2018-10-24T18:51:36.475Z cpu44:214225)ScsiClaimrule: 1691: Error claiming path vmhba66:C0:T1:L39. Failure.

Qfle3f driver bug
Qfle3f driver version has the fix for this issue.  Please contact VMware for assistance with the native qfle3f driver.
The version of the qfle3f driver can be located in the "localcli_software-vib-list.txt" file in a vm-support.

# grep qfle3f localcli_software-vib-list.txt
qfle3f                       QLC              VMwareCertified   2018-10-09

On a live system the command syntax is:

# /bin/localcli software vib list | grep qfle3f
qfle3f                       QLC              VMwareCertified   2018-10-09

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First Published Fri Mar 29 2019
16:49:53 GMT
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PowerPath/VE for VMware
PowerPath/VE for VMware