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Dell EMC Networking How to Update OS10 on a Switch running OS10

Summary: Dell EMC Networking How to Update OS10 on a Switch running OS10

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Download OS10 image from Dell Digital Locker (DDL)

1.Sign in to DDL using your account credentials:  Dell Digital Locker  
2 Locate the entry for your entitlement ID and order number, then select the product name.
3 Select the Available Downloads tab on the Product page.
4 Select the OS10 Enterprise Edition image to download, then click Download.
5.You may also download a file for OS10 from DDL, if needed.  
Note: Read the Release Notes on Dell Digital Locker (login required) and Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 Installation, Upgrade, and Downgrade Guide | Dell US prior to performing an upgrade for detailed information about limitations and restrictions when performing upgrades.
Note: If you are having DDL account issues, Dell Support can provide a copy of OS10 to install, however your DDL account issue will have to be fixed before obtaining a license.

Upgrade OS10 image from existing OS10 install

1.Once you download the OS10 Enterprise Edition image, extract the .TAR file.

  • Some Windows extract applications insert extracarriage returns (CR) or line feeds (LF) when they extract the contents of a .tar file. This may corrupt the downloaded OS10 binary image. Turn OFF this option if you use a Windows-based tool to untar an OS10 binary file. 
  • For example, in WinRAR under the Advanced Options tab clear the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion feature. 

2.Save the current configuration on the switch, and Backup the startup configuration.  

Command Parameter
OS10#write memory  Write the current configuration to startup-config
OS10#copy running-configuration tftp://        Backup the startup-config to a TFTP server 

3.  Format a USB as VFAT/FAT32 and add the .BIN file, or move the .BIN file to a TFTP/FTP Server. 
  • Use the native Windows tool, or equivalent, to format as VFAT/FAT32. 
  • Starting with OS10.4, OS10 will auto-mount a new USB drive after a reboot.
3B.  For OS10.3 and below a USB drive can be mounted with the following commands:

Command Parameter
OS10#  system "sudo -i mkdir /mnt/usb"  
[sudo] password for admin:
Create the USB mount location /mnt/usb on the system. 
OS10#  system "sudo -i fdisk -l"  Check the USB device drive /dev/___ location for next command.  
OS10#  system "sudo -i mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb"        Mount the USB drive to the USB mount directory /mnt/usb.  

4.  Save the BIN file in EXEC mode, and view the status. Do NOT use the .tar file. Update file name to match your firmware version. 

Note: The image download command only downloads the software image - it does not install the software on your device. The image install command installs the downloaded image to the standby partition.
Note: This is not a required step, but recommended if slow connections can go to step 5.
Command Parameter
OS10#image download usb://PKGS_OS10-Enterprise-10.version-info-here.BIN         Update using USB, OR  
-OR-  ftp://userid:passwd@hostip:/filepath/PKGS_OS10-Enterprise-10.version-info-here.BIN            Update using FTP
OS10#show image status View status, OR  
OS10#dir image View status

5.  Install the software image in EXEC mode.  

Command Parameter
OS10#image install image://PKGS_OS10-Enterprise-10.version-info-here.bin   Installs OS  
-OR- image install usb://PKGS_OS10-Enterprise-10.version-info-here.bin   install using USB (10.5.0+ only)
-OR- image install ftp://userid:passwd@hostip:/filepath/PKGS_OS10-Enterprise-10.version-info-here.BIN  Download and Install in a single step (recommended only on local networks)
Note: On older versions of OS10, the image install command appears frozen, without showing the current status. Duplicating the ssh/telnet session allows you to run "show image status" to see the status.

6.  View the status of the current software install in EXEC mode. If the install status shows FAILED, check to ensure the .TAR file is extracted correctly. See Step 1. 

Command Parameter
OS10#show image status   Verify OS was updated  

7  Change the next boot partition to the standby partition in EXEC mode. 

Command Parameter
OS10#boot system standby   Changes next boot partition  

8.  Check whether the next boot partition has changed to standby in EXEC mode.

Command Parameter
OS10#show boot detail   Verify next boot partition is new firmware.  

9.  Reload the new software image in EXEC mode.

Command Parameter
OS10#reload   Reboots the switch  

10.  After the reload, verify the Firmware is updated:

OS10# show version
Dell EMC Networking OS10 Enterprise
Copyright (c) 1999-2018 by Dell Inc. All Rights Reserved.
OS Version: 10.4.0E(X2)
Build Version: 10.4.0E(X2.22)
Build Time: 2018-01-26T17:46:11-0800
System Type: S4148F-ON
Architecture: x86_64
Up Time: 02:50:18


Install OS from ONIE

To install the OS from within ONIE instead, see How to Install Dell Networking FTOS on Dell Open Networking (ON) Switches

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13 Jan 2022



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