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XPS 13 (9343 / 9360 / 9370): Excessive Battery Drain While Sleeping

Summary: Work around for excessive battery drain while sleeping with the XPS 9343, 9360, 9370 systems.

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This article contains information about battery drain while the XPS 9343, 9360, or 9370 is asleep.

A behavior with the XPS 13 (9343 / 9360 / 9370) has been seen, where the battery has excessive power drain while it has been left asleep overnight. The XPS battery indicator will show a significant drain the next day. Connected standby is why the battery drains while it is asleep and is working as intended. Connected standby replaces traditional sleep functions and there is no way to disable the function.

One workaround to use if you plan to be away from the system for an extended amount of time.


Off.cmd Method:

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Copy this text: Shutdown /s /t 000
  3. Paste it into Notepad.
  4. Save as Off.cmd (select "All Files (*.*)" in the Save as Type drop-box) to the Desktop (Figure 1).
    Figure 1
  5. Clicking this icon should fully turn off the system.

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Affected Product

XPS 13 9343, XPS 13 9360, XPS 13 9370

Last Published Date

21 Feb. 2021



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