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MyDell Mobile - Personal Experience

Summary: MyDell Mobile is a free companion application that helps Dell users do more with their Dell products - starting from the moment the order is placed.

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Supported Devices and Accessories
  3. Sign in to MyDell Mobile
  4. Explore the Various Tabs of MyDell Mobile
  5. Track and View Order History
  6. Register my Product
  7. Add a Device within MyDell Mobile
  8. Remove Devices
  9. View and Extend or Upgrade Warranty
  10. Chat with Dell Tech Support
  11. Software Subscription Details
  12. View Instructions to Install Purchased Software
  13. Dell Trade in Information
  14. Delete an Account


Note: MyDell Mobile is currently only available in the U.S.

With MyDell Mobile, you can:

  • View your Dell device details
  • Track your purchases made from Dell
  • Register your Dell device
  • Access tutorials and guides for your supported Dell devices
  • Get usage tips for supported Dell devices
  • Chat with Dell Technical Support
  • View and upgrade warranty
  • Discover more about Dell and Dell products

MyDell Mobile is a free companion application that helps you get the most from your Dell devices while you own and use them.

Devices that MyDell Mobile supports can be found by referencing the page: Products supported by MyDell Mobile

To access the application, you must have a valid and active Dell account and a device that is supported by MyDell Mobile.

  1. Tap Sign In or Create an Account.
    The customer login screen is displayed.
    Note: If you are creating a new Dell Account, be sure to use the same email address that was used to complete your order purchase.
  2. Enter the email address that is associated with your Dell account and tap Continue.
    Note: You can also log in using your Google or Facebook credentials.
  3. Enter the password that is associated with your Dell account and then tap Sign In.
  4. Your supported device(s) are displayed on the home screen.
    Note: If you do not see your order details, check if your device is supported by MyDell Mobile.
  • Home—This screen allows you to access all your supported Dell devices. On this screen, you can add supported devices and track Order Status.
    The bell icon at the top-right corner of the Home screen enables you to access notifications.
    Use the pull-down gesture to refresh the Home screen. Any new orders or updated device information is displayed.

  • Discover—This screen provides details about Dell solutions (products, accessories, and software) that may further improve your Dell experience. Learn more about free software recommendations, Dell trade in and recycle programs, product announcements, and Dell news.

  • Support—This screen provides the various support options for your Dell device. You can find solutions for common issues and questions through self-help articles, FAQs, and chat with Dell Tech Support.

  • Profile—This screen displays your profile information and allows you to view current and historical orders, manage Dell communication preferences, and rate MyDell Mobile using the Application Feedback section. You can also view the last login details and Sign out from the application.

You can view all current and past orders within MyDell Mobile. Orders associated with a Dell account email address are added automatically, and can also be added manually.

View Current and Past Orders
  1. From the Profile screen, tap View Order History.
  2. Select the device to view the details of your order status.
View Orders with a Shipped Status
Note: Orders with a shipped status are current and have not yet been delivered.
  1. From the Home screen, tap Track your order.
  2. Select the device to view the details of your order status.

If you have not already registered your Dell device, you can use the application to submit a product registration. Registering your device enables faster diagnostics and an improved support experience. To submit a registration, add a supported device purchased within the last 60 days, to MyDell Mobile.

To register your device, follow these steps:

Note: First name, last name, and email address are auto populated.
  1. From the Device Details screen, tap Register your device.
  2. Enter your billing/shipping address.
  3. From the How will you use drop-down list, select Personal or Business.
  4. If you have purchased the computer from a retailer, enter the name of the retailer.
  5. Select the Dell rewards and notifications check box (optional).
  6. Tap Register Product.

There are two ways to add a device to MyDell Mobile, depending on how you purchased your Dell device.

  • Purchased directly from Dell
  • Purchased at a retail store
Purchased Directly from Dell
  1. From the Home screen, tap Add Devices.
  2. Tap Enter order details to add devices purchased directly from Dell.
  3. Enter the following order details: Billing email, Purchase ID, and Billing zip code. Once you have entered the mandatory details, tap Add Order.
  4. A verification code is sent to the registered email address. Enter the code and tap Verify.
  5. Once the purchased device is displayed, you can tap Confirm & Continue to complete the process. You will receive an option to register your device if your device was purchased within the last 60 days.
Purchased at a Retail Location
If you purchased your device from a third-party retailer (online or in-store), you can add it to the app using the device Service Tag.
  1. From the Home screen, tap Add Devices.
  2. Tap Scan QR to add devices purchased at the retail store. This option allows you to either scan the Service Tag that is located at the bottom of the device or type in the information manually.
  3. Once the purchased device gets displayed, tap Confirm & Continue to complete the process.
Note: Previous purchases of supported Dell devices that are linked with the MyDell Mobile email address are listed within the application.
Note: You can add a device by providing the Service Tag or purchase ID.

You can manage your inventory by adding or removing Dell devices within the application.

To remove devices, follow these steps:

  1. Select the device you want removed on the Home page.
  2. On the Device Details screen, tap the ellipsis in the upper right corner and tap Remove device option.
  3. A message is displayed confirming your selection. Tap Remove Device to remove the selected device.

For your convenience, you can view and manage your device warranty within MyDell Mobile.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the device image to display the Device Details screen.
  2. Tap Warranty within the Device Details screen.
    Warranty Details display information about the current warranty for your device, such as the warranty type, Express Service Code, status, ship date, ship country, and warranty expiration date.
  3. Tap Extend or Upgrade. You are redirected to the Dell Warranty and Service Extension page.
  4. Enter your Service Tag.
    A list of warranty plans and price plans is displayed. Once you have selected the plan, you are redirected to the Dell support site to complete the payment.

The chat feature on MyDell Mobile allows you to directly contact Dell Tech Support.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available for PCs with an active warranty, and only available during business hours for Alienware devices.

To chat with Dell Tech Support, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Support icon at the bottom of the Home screen.
  2. Tap Chat with Tech Support and select the device that requires support. A chat window connected to Dell technical support is displayed.

From the Support screen, you can also access other support options such as Technical issues, Help with an order, and Buy products.

You can view subscription details supported by MyDell Mobile.

To view active subscriptions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Profile screen and tap Subscriptions to view all active subscriptions.
  2. Tap the subscription to see details.
Note: You can cancel subscriptions that are compatible with MyDell Mobile using Dell Digital Locker.

MyDell Mobile can help you review purchased software and view instructions to install software onto your Dell device.

To learn how to install purchased software using MyDell Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Select and tap the image of your Dell device from the Home screen. The Device Details screen is displayed.
  2. Scroll down and tap Setup Guides.
  3. Tap Install Purchased Software to view instructions on how to install software using Dell Digital Delivery (DDD) or Dell Digital Locker (DDL).
  4. Follow the instructions on your Dell device to complete the necessary installation. If you are not sure which instructions you should follow, choose DDD first and then DDL.
    Note: The purchased software may not be supported by either DDD or DDL. Reference any previous communications from Dell to find installation instructions.

To view Dell trade in information, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Discover icon.
  2. On the Discover screen, trade in information is available in the Dell programs you definitely need to know about section.
Note: You can cancel subscriptions that are compatible with MyDell Mobile using Dell Digital Locker.

To delete your MyDell Mobile account, follow these steps:

  1. On the Profile screen, tap Settings and then tap Delete Account.
  2. A message is displayed confirming your selection. Tap Delete Account to permanently delete your account.
Note: You can cancel subscriptions that are compatible with MyDell Mobile using Dell Digital Locker.

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