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How to Create a 'Strong' Password

Summary: This article shows how to come up with a Strong Password for your computer and online needs.

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This article provides information about creating a 'strong' password.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a 'Strong' Password
  2. Tips When Creating a 'Strong' Password
  3. Strong Vs Weak Examples
  4. Password Tools


What is a 'Strong' Password


A strong password is simply one that is difficult to be broken by humans or computer programs that are designed to gain unauthorized access.


A strong password contains:

  • At least 6 characters long (the more characters the stronger the password)
  • Contains a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Digits 0 through 9
    • Symbols (example: !"£$%^*&*)
    • Letters (A through Z)
  • Most passwords are case-sensitive - so a mixture of Upper (A through Z) and Lower case (a through z)
SLN266021_en_US__2icon Note: You also have the option of using 'special characters' in some passwords if the software or site allows this.

See article ID: SLN265780 How to make the most of 'Special Characters' for more information about using these types of characters.

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Tips When Creating a 'Strong' Password



  • Choosing a password similar to that of a previous password   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross
  • Passwords that contain first or last names, user names, real names, or company names etc.   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross
  • Words spelt backwards   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross
  • Sequences (qwerty, abcdef, 12345 and so on)   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross
  • Share your password   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross
  • Write down your password or store near your PC or login system   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross
  • Use the word 'password' or similar (try to avoid using numbers instead of letters i.e. 'Pa55w0rd')   SLN266021_en_US__3red_cross


  • Pick a password that you remember   SLN266021_en_US__10blue_tick
  • Change your password regularly   SLN266021_en_US__10blue_tick
  • Not to use the same password on multiple accounts and programs   SLN266021_en_US__10blue_tick
  • Choose a password that you can learn to type with ease without taking time to look at the keyboard   SLN266021_en_US__10blue_tick
  • Try turning some easy to remember phrase into an acronym SLN266021_en_US__10blue_tick

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Strong Vs Weak Examples


You can substitute symbols or numbers for letters and still keep the look of memorable names or phrases.

Relate your password to a favorite sport, place, or person can be useful.

Spaces can also be used if the application accepts this as part of its password guidelines.

Weak Example Strong Alternative
David5 .D@v1d5.
susanlovesbrad Su5@nL0ve58r@d
fordmustang .F0rd_Must@ng.
Paris .P@r1$.
ihatemondays IIH@t3M0nd@y5!

Some examples above where symbols, upper and lower case are used instead to increase the complexity. 

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Password Tools


There are several password tools available online that can perform some tasks. If you are interested in using these we recommend first reading reviews online to find the best solution for you. These can range from freeware to monthly subscriptions.

Password Generators:

These can be helpful for some sites that require certain characters to be included in the password, some generators can also create strong passwords that are pronounceable or based around sentences or phrases hence easier to remember.


Password Managers:

With many sites now requiring passwords to enter or set up an account it can be very difficult to store all your passwords without using the same passwords on many accounts.
Some managers can sync across multiple operating systems and platforms making them easy to access on the move when you need it. These managers use strong encryption techniques to store information securely.


Password Matrix:

An alternative method is to use a password chart or matrix. These sites create a chart using a word or phrase or random generator. You can then use the chart to create a 'strong' password. This way even if someone finds the chart they will still not know your password and it also highly increases the ease at which an online attacker can decipher the password without the chart.

SLN266021_en_US__151378986180291.password matrix


Picture Passwords

Use a picture to sign in to your PC instead of having to remember a password. Trace on the picture using gestures on the touchscreen with your finger or mouse.

How to set up a picture password in Windows 8 or 8.1

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21 Feb 2021



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