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Support for Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services (previously OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist)

Summary: Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services is a plug-in to the Dell OpenManage Enterprise console that enables proactive and predictive monitoring and management support for your devices with ProSupport and ProSupport Plus entitlements. ...

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OpenManage Enterprise Services Plugin

Dell proactive and predictive monitoring and management support

  • Plugin to the Dell OpenManage Enterprise
  • Improve data center efficiency
  • Improve turnaround and downtime in resolving hardware issues

Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services (previously OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist) is a plug-in to the Dell OpenManage Enterprise console that enables proactive and predictive monitoring and management support for your devices with ProSupport and ProSupport Plus entitlements. OpenManage Enterprise with Services plug-in provides a single, unified solution for your complete device life cycle management, proactive, and predictive support experience. Services improves the data center efficiency by enabling the administrator to seamlessly manage hardware failure incidents, reducing the time spent by Dell Technical Support, and improving the turnaround and downtime in resolving the hardware issues. This plug-in is a vital piece of the OpenManage portfolio and provides integration.


Benefits of Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services

  • Monitors your devices, proactively detects hardware issues, and accelerates resolution by creating Technical Support cases automatically to Dell.
  • Enables you to provide your support and dispatch contacts (primary, secondary, and group) to Dell 
  • Improves productivity by replacing manual routine operations with automated support
  • Predictive issue detection by using the periodic hardware telemetry collections, which enables preventive measures to avoid data loss in future.
  • Expedites dispatch process

When an issue is detected, Services collects and uploads the system information required for troubleshooting an issue. The collected system information helps Technical Support to provide you an enhanced, personalized, and efficient support experience. Services also provides predictive support and reporting by using the periodic hardware telemetry collections. The periodic collections enable Dell to perform advanced analytics, predict future failures, and inform you about the due time to back up and resolve failures in advance.


Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Services Menu

Features of Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services

  • Proactive detection and predictive response of hardware failures with automated case creation
  • Proactive response from Dell Technical Support
  • Expedited parts dispatch and service enablement capabilities
  • Automated email notification

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Services Dashboard

Enhancements to Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services

Dell is constantly improving OpenManage Enterprise Services.

Dell's latest version of the Services plugin is the OpenManage Enterprise Service Plugin v4.0 

New Features in OpenManage Enterprise Services 4.0:

  • Default Install
    • The Services Plugin can be automatically installed without manual intervention in OpenManage Enterprise 4.0
  • On-demand Telemetry Collection
    • Dell technical support can trigger collections from the devices that are managed by the Services plugin. This helps support provide you with an enhanced, personalized, and efficient support experience.
  • Search cases by hostnames
    • Added support to search cases and collections that are associated with a hostname.
  • Conversion of OME Services Plugin alerts to ESE (Embedded Service Enabler) format.


Prior releases

OpenManage Enterprise Services Plugin 3.0.2 (for OpenManage Enterprise 3.10.1)

  • OMES 3.0.2 includes the following bug fixes:
    • After OMES is upgraded to version 3.0.1, one or more managed devices is moved to staging.
    • Automatic cases are not created for the critical event type MEM7114.
    • One or more device models with iDRAC version 7.x were moved to staging.

OpenManage Enterprise Services Plugin 3.0.1 (for OpenManage Enterprise 3.10.1) includes:

  • Minor fixes to upgrade from OME 3.10 to OME 3.10.1
OpenManage Enterprise Services Plugin 3.0 (for OpenManage Enterprise 3.10) key new features:
  • Plugin Spotlight
    • Spotlight OMES by providing the user visibility to featured plugins
  • Back up and Restore
    • Back up and fully restore OpenManage Enterprise Service plug-in along with OpenManage Enterprise core
  • Part Numbers in Alert Payload
    • Populates the hardware part array as part of the Alert Payload making part identification easier
  • VM to VM Streaming
    • Streaming of OpenManage Enterprise core data and data generated by the installed plugins
  • New Platform Enablement
    • Support for new platforms including Dell PowerEdge 16th generation servers and network switches aligned with OpenManage Enterprise 3.10
  • Collection Queuing status
    • More visibility to the Collection queue for both running and queued collections
  • Policy Actions
    • Predefined action to move systems into maintenance mode on predefined date and time range
  • OpenManage Enterprise All Devices page and Managed Device Page
    • Initiate collection for single/multi devices
    • Initiate Inventory validation for single/multi device
  • Policy Config. Updates
    • Granular checkboxes for Configuration updates - devices and alert policy, giving more control to the customer
  • Enhanced Dashboard
    • Systems performance widget: Shows Disk utilization (percentage used, total VM capacity)

List of prior features in OpenManage Enterprise Services 2.0.1, 2.0

OpenManage Enterprise Services Plugin 2.0.1 (for OpenManage Enterprise 3.9)

Key new features:
  • OpenManage Enterprise Services plug-in 2.0.1 includes support for latest PowerEdge iDRAC firmware
In addition, the following major features are available with OpenManage Enterprise Services plug-in 2.0:
  • Device support enhancements:
    • For Network switches, enabled Services capabilities such as proactive and predictive detection of hardware failures, automatic case creation, log collection, and so on.
  • Case enhancements:
    • Alert queuing to process alerts even if Dell backend connectivity is down.
    • Test case creation capabilities - to test if each device can create a case after DC network management or power cycle scenarios.
  • Collections enhancements:
    • Support for weekly periodic collections.
    • Support for purge collections to optimize storage capacity based on storage size and time.
  • Search enhancements:
    • Include cases and collections in search.
  • Revalidation of devices:
    • Now customers can force revalidation of their inventory after completing remediation of pending issues which had sent device to staging state.
  • Policy configuration updates:
    • Enable automatic and manual update for alert policy configuration and device configuration updates.
  • Contact enhancements:
    • Added support to set the contact hours to any time for the primary contact, secondary contact, and primary shipping contact.
  • Dashboard enhancements:
    • Doughnut chart that displays the total number of support cases categorized based on support case status.
    • Doughnut chart that displays the total number of devices categorized based on managed, unmanaged, and staging devices.
    • The number of alerts that are yet to be processed by the Services.
    • The link to launch TechDirect.


Entitlements for OpenManage Enterprise Services

Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services is free to use. The following table provides a summary of capabilities entitlements dependent on the monitored device service contract.

OpenManage Enterprise Services capability Description Basic Warranty ProSupport ProSupport Plus
Proactive detection of hardware failures Services receives alerts for hardware events that occur in monitored devices and proactively determines if the alerts indicate a hardware failure. Supported Supported Supported
Predictive detection of hardware failures Intelligent analysis of data collected from a monitored device is used to predict hardware failures that may occur in future. Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Automated data collection Data required for troubleshooting a hardware failure is automatically collected from the monitored device and sent securely to Dell. Supported Supported Supported
Automated support case creation When a hardware failure is detected either proactively or predictively, a Service Request is automatically created with Dell Technical Support. Not Supported Supported Supported
Automated email notification An email notification about the support case or issue is automatically sent to your company's primary and secondary SupportAssist contacts. Not Supported Supported Supported
Proactive response from Dell Technical Support A Dell Technical Support agent contacts you proactively about the support case and helps you resolve the issue. Not Supported Supported Supported
Expedited parts dispatch After the verification of the collected system information, if the Dell Technical Support agent determines that a part requires a replacement to resolve the issue, a replacement part is dispatched to you based on the dispatch preferences that you configure in SupportAssist. Not Supported Supported Supported

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Services

Download and install for Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services

Services 3.0 is a plug-in for the Dell OpenManage Enterprise (v3.10 or later). To download and install or upgrade this plug-in:

Detect the plug-in using Update Settings in the Console and Plugins page. Next, install the plug-in from the SupportAssist section in the Consoles and Plugins page or upgrade from a previous version.
Administrator rights are required for installing and configuring settings of Services.
  1. Connectivity to the Services plug-in
  2. Launch Dell OpenManage Enterprise.
  3. From the Application Settings menu, select Console and Plugins. The Console and Plugins page is displayed.
  4. Click Update Settings.
  5. Select Manual. This option allows the manual check of updates from a specified source.
    Automatic update is not supported for detecting Services.
  6. Select the source: Online or offline, where the updates are to be applied.
  7. Click Apply
    Services must be installed manually after the plug-in is detected.
  1. Launch Dell OpenManage Enterprise.
  2. From the Application Settings menu, select Console and Plugins. The Console and Plugins page is displayed.
  3. On the Console and Plugins page, in the Services section, click on Install. The Install Plugin window is displayed.
  4. On the Install Plugin window, from the available versions list, select the OpenManage Enterprise Services version.
  5. Review and ensure that the list of prerequisites are met.
  6. After the plug-in is downloaded, and the status of the download is displayed.
  7. On the Install Plugin window, click Install Plugin. The install operation validates the prerequisites to install Services. If installation prerequisites are not fulfilled, an appropriate error message is displayed.
  8. On the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT page, read the license agreement, and click Accept.
  9. On the INFRASTRUCTURE TELEMENT NOTICE page, read the telemetry notice, and click Accept.
  10. On the Confirmation window, select the I agree that I have captured a snapshot of the OpenManage Enterprise appliance prior to performing a plug-in action option, and then click Confirm Install. The status of installation operation is displayed. After the successful installation of Services, the status that appears on the top of the Services section changes from Available to Installed.
Register OpenManage Enterprise Services to monitor your devices for hardware issues and automatically collect device information. See OpenManage Enterprises Services Users Guide, Register OpenManage Enterprise Services for additional information.
  1. Launch OpenManage Enterprise.
  2. Go to SupportAssist > Settings and note all the SupportAssist settings that you configured, such as collection and schedule preferences.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click View now in the banner message that is displayed whenever a new version of a plug-in is available for upgrade.
    • From the Application Settings menu, click Console and Plugins.
    The Console and plugins page is displayed.
  4. In the Services section, click Update Available. The Update Plugin page is displayed.
  5. Select the Services version, and then Download Plugin. The plug-in is downloaded, and the status of the download is displayed on a green color band.
  6. To update Services, click Update Plugin. In the Confirmation window, select the I agree that I have captured a snapshot of the OpenManage Enterprise appliance prior to performing a plug-in action option, and then click Update. After upgrade operation is complete, the version is displayed in the Services section.
  7. Go to Services > Settings, and then reapply the Services plug-in settings that you have noted in step 2.


Resources for Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services


Engage in the OpenManage Systems Management community to find:

  • Boards to post questions and answers
  • Blogs to read and comment on articles
  • Idea exchanges to improve products and vote for ideas that other community members have posted
  • And more....


See Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services Documentation for the latest documentation.

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