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The 10 Best Features in Windows 8

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#1: The Interface - Metro Start  - Innovative & Dynamic Desktop




On first glance, Windows 8 can be confusing for new users but with its easy interface and helpful features, you can easily be in love with the new Microsoft Operating System. It was completely redesigned for today's mobile users and for PC users, using the KB and mouse is not going to be any problem. Metro Start is Windows 8's new location for launching applications. It includes updating live tiles that you can regroup as you desire, increasing the flexibility of your Windows 8 experience.




#2: The Windows Store






Integrated into Windows 8, the Windows Store offers tons of Metro apps for download and purchase, and it soon will also offer desktop apps. A tile located on the Metro UI start screen offers one-click access to the Windows Store.




#3: Live Tiles and Lock Screen




One great thing about Windows 8 is that you can literally pin all your most used programs on the Start Menu. Unlike the previous versions of Windows, your programs are conveniently laid down from the screen. Microsoft also developed a way in which your icons can be live and active. An example of this is the Photo app in which your pictures of choice can randomly seen from the icon.


You can also customize the background with your preferred picture or windows theme.




#4: System-Wide Search




Even from the Start Menu, just type the word or program you are looking for, it will automatically direct you to the Search Menu. The search options is ranged from the local documents and programs or you can simply go to Bing or for a wider search. Apps are automatically shown from the Search Menu when its activated.





#5: Refresh and Reset




A new feature in the control panel, called Recovery, allows you to refresh or reset your PC. These are two new options offered in addition to the existing system restore and other recovery options available in previous versions of Windows.

Windows 8 has a new feature that is called the Refresh Your PC. It has an option to fix the pc without deleting any of your personal files. Although programs that were installed will be gone, re-installing these lost programs should be an easy task.


For the Reset Option for Windows 8, this will wipe out everything in the system and it will install a fresh copy of Windows 8. This is perfect for New users for an old PC.


You can find both features in the Charms bar: Click Settings, choose “Change PC Settings” and go to the “General” section.




#6: Settings Sync




In the mobile world today, syncing all your important settings of your device is most important. If ever you want to use your own settings in another device, just login and viola! This is especially recommended for possible crash scenarios as well. In Windows 8, we finally have it here!


The “Sync your settings” option within your PC settings can sync personalization like background, colors, passwords, language preferences, app settings, browser settings, and more.



#7: Snap-to Feature for Multitasking




Windows 8 can show you two Apps running simultaneously for that most important task. Say you want to view the map but also you want to see the weather update, well, it's not a problem anymore with Windows 8! Windows 8's snap-to feature allows you to multitask Metro apps, so you won't be stuck with just one Metro app at a time. With the snap-to feature, you can snap together multiple Metro apps onto the screen, or you can snap Metro apps to your classic desktop applications, giving you the best of both UIs




#8: Pin Anything




Windows 8 added a feature in which wherever program you are, there is an option to pin anything on the Start Menu. In an example where you have a favorite website and you want to instantaneously go there from the Start Menu, all you have to do is to Pin the website on the Start Menu. Every time you want to go there, it is readily available from the Start Menu.




#9: Share Everything




It's not only that you can pin anything on Windows 8 but also you can Share anything and everything. All you have to do is go to the Charms Bar while you are on the page that you want to Share and then click the "Share" Icon. The Share menu will let you post to social networking sites like Facebook and share it through email to your friends. In the event that you have taken note of an article that you liked, you can also share this to another app like a Clipboard for future reference.




#10: Improved Task Manager




The moment you first use a Windows 8 system, you will notice a big difference in its startup performance and processes. Together with this improvement, Windows 8 has an improved Task Manager.


Like its predecessors you can still see how much of your device’s resources each app or process takes. You can also drill down even further and search online for program information.


The Performance tab gives you an at-a-glance status update on your CPU, Memory, Bluetooth and Wifi usage in moving charts. App history shows you the running performance of an application for you to see the application that uses most of the resources. The Startup tab like the msconfig lets you configure what application you want whenever you start the system. 

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21 Feb 2021



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