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Utilities to Completely Remove Antivirus Software

Summary: This article lists a lot of useful utilities that let you remove/uninstall specific Antivirus software from your PC.

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This article provides links to 3rd party company websites and their own uninstaller tools. It will also link to some of the Uninstaller software that is in common usage.

Table of Contents:

  1. Uninstall/Removal tools for common antivirus/security software
  2. What you need to know
  3. Reference Tables with useful links


Uninstall/Removal tools for common antivirus/security software


This article lists the most commonly available uninstall tools for you to match your particular needs.

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What you need to know


It is considered a best practice to use the application publishers own recommended uninstaller & utility when attempting to totally uninstall a security application, such as an Anti-Virus program. Using the Windows removal tool (Add/Remove Programs) to completely uninstall these programs is often insufficient. If you still have problems after using the companies own tool, then there are certain commonly used programs that you may find useful. All of these programs are outside of Dell's control and are used at your own risk. If you are in any doubt, the best thing you can do is contact the 3rd party company directly for further help.

Security Software includes Anti-Virus programs, SpyWare Scanners, Registry Cleaners and Ad Removal Tools.

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Reference Tables with useful links


Click the link associated with the security software currently installed on your system and follow the prompts or instructions on the website. Once un-installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer.

SLN208651_en_US__1icon Note: Please click on the title of the section you want to open below, in order to see the contents.
Utility Links by Publisher:
Utility Link
Avast Website

Utility Link
AVG Website
AVG Antivirus
AVG Performance
AVG Protection
AVG Ultimate
Utility Link
Avira Website
Avira Professional Security
Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Antivirus Premium
Avira Antivirus Pro
Avira Internet Security
Avira Internet Security Suite
Avira Family Protection Suite
Avira Ultimate Protection Suite
Utility Link
BitDefender Website
Total Security
Internet Security
Antivirus Plus
Utility Link
BullGuard Website
Utility Link
Now operates as Total Defense Anti-Virus
Utility Link
Comodo Internet Security Website
Comodo Antivirus
Utility Link
Dr. Web Website
Dr. Web Anti-virus
Utility Link
ESET Website
General Uninstaller
AV Removal Tool
Utility Link
F-PROT Antivirus for Windows Version 3
F-PROT Antivirus for Windows Version 6
Utility Link
F-Secure Website
Anti-Virus for PC
Internet Security 2013
Internet Security 2014
Internet Security 2015
Safe Anywhere PC 12
Safe Anywhere PC 14
Safe Anywhere PC 15
Utility Link
GData Website
Internet Security
Total Protection
Utility Link
Kaspersky Website
Internet Security
Utility Link
K7 Computing Website
Total Security Pro
Internet security
Anti-Virus Premium
Anti-Virus Plus
Mobile Security
Total Security
Ultimate Security
Utility Link
Lavasoft Website
Utility Link
Norman Website
Norman Virus Control
Norman Security Suite
Utility Link
Panda Security Website
Panda Antivirus
Panda Cloud Internet Protection
Utility Link
Pareto Logic Website
Pareto Logic
Utility Link
Sophos Website
Sophos Control Center
Utility Link
Symantec Website
Norton antivirus
Norton Internet Security
Norton 360
Utility Link
Vipre Website
Vipre Internet Security
Vipre Antivirus
Utility Link
Total Defense Website
Total Defense Internet Security Suite
Utility Link
Trend Micro Website
Trend Micro Titanium
Trend Micro Worry-Free Business
Enterprise Security for Endpoints
Utility Link
Webroot Website
Webroot Software
Utility Link
Windows Security Essentials Website
Windows Security Essentials
Utility Link
Zone Alarm Website

If you are looking for information about the Security software being shipped with Dell PC's, please check out the article below:

If you are looking for information about the various other tools used in case of infection, then please check out the article below:

If you are looking for information about issues already seen on your PC, then check out these links for further help:


SLN208651_en_US__1icon Note: Please bear in mind - The best person to help you with a specific company's software is a representative of that company. There is a support site link for each company in the table above. Please use the appropriate companies support as they are the best experts on their own applications and can action any account or administrative issues you may be experiencing.


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19 Nov 2021



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