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Dell Gaming and Alienware Monitors Support for Gaming Consoles

Summary: Unsure which monitor pairs perfectly with your gaming console? This comprehensive guide explores key features, refresh rates, resolutions, and compatibility to find your ideal match.

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This table below provides information about the compatibility of Dell Gaming and Alienware monitors with gaming consoles.

O = Supported : X = Not Supported

Gaming Monitors S2721HGF, S2422HG,
G2422HS, G2723H, G2524H
AW2523HF, AW2524H, AW2524HF, AW2724HF
S2722DGM, S3222DGM, S3422DWG, G3223D, G2724D,
AW3821DW, AW2723DF, AW3423DW, AW3423DWF, AW2724DM, AW2725DF 
G3223Q, AW3225QF
Gaming Console 1920 x 1080 (FHD) 2560 x 1440 (QHD) 3840 x 2160 (4K)
  60 Hz     120 Hz   HDR
  60 Hz     120 Hz   HDR
  60 Hz     120 Hz   HDR
PlayStation 4 O X O X X X X X X X X X
PlayStation 4 Pro O X O X X X X X O X O X
PlayStation 5 O O O *1 O *2 O O O *1 O *2 O O O O *2
Xbox One S O O X O O O O *3 O O X O O
Xbox One X O O X O O O O *3 O O X O O
Xbox Series S O O X O O O O *3 O O O O O
Xbox Series X O O X O O O O *3 O O O O O
  1. *1 - Not applicable for the S2721HGF, S2422HG, G2422HS, G2723H, S2722DGM, S3222DGM monitors.
  2. *2 - The PlayStation 5 must be updated to the latest firmware version to support VRR. Not applicable for the S2721HGF, S2422HG, G2422HS, G2723H, S2722DGM, S3222DGM, S3422DWG, G3223D monitors.
  3. *3 - Supports Xbox HDR at 4K@60Hz. Not applicable for the S2722DGM, S3222DGM, S3422DWG, AW3821DW monitors.
Note: HDR = High Dynamic Range, VRR = Variable Refresh Rate

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Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2523HF, Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor AW2524H, Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor AW2524HF, Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2723DF, Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2724DM, Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2724HF , Alienware 34 Curved OLED Monitor AW3423DW, Alienware 34 Curved QD OLED Gaming Monitor AW3423DWF, Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3821DW, Dell 24 Curved Gaming Monitor S2422HG, Dell Gaming S2721HGF, Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor S2722DGM, Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor S3222DGM, Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor S3422DWG, Dell 24 Gaming Monitor G2422HS, Dell 25 Gaming Monitor G2524H, Dell 27 Gaming Monitor G2723H, Dell 27 Gaming Monitor G2724D, Dell 32 Gaming Monitor G3223D, Dell 32 4K UHD Gaming Monitor G3223Q ...
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22 أبريل 2024



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