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Correcting Screen Rotation Settings

Summary: Screen orientation key-press causing issues with systems using Intel graphics control panel.

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Screen Orientation is in-correct, either up-side-down or on its side. (Figure 1 [English-only])

Figure 1: Upside down screen


Intel Integrated Graphics Driver Software has a Hot-Key sequence for altering the orientation of the screen.


Hotkey Method:
All versions of the Intel® Graphics Control Panel support Hot Keys. These keys, when pressed, have the ability to automatically rotate your screen without having to go into the Intel® Graphics Control Panel. By default, the hot keys for rotation are as follows:

  • 0 degrees (normal/upright): Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
  • 90 degrees (quarter turn clockwise): Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow
  • 180 degrees (upside down): Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
  • 270 degrees (quarter turn counter-clockwise): Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow


Disabling this feature: Please see this Using Screen Rotation with the Intel® Graphics Control Panel for more details on how to disable the screen rotation option for different driver versions (Figure 2 [English only]).

Figure 2: Rotation enable selected

Note: These hot keys can be changed if desired, via the Hot Key Manager located in the Intel® Graphics Control Panel.


Settings for screen rotation can also be set within ATI Catalyst Graphics control panel (Figure 3 [English only]).

SLN133303_en_US__31366642895157.ATI rotation
Figure 3: ATI Catalyst Graphics control panel

Also screen rotation options within Nvidia Driver software (Figure 4 [English only])

Figure 4: Nvidia Driver

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Desktops & All-in-Ones, Laptops, Latitude, Vostro, Fixed Workstations

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30 Jul 2021



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