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How to update Dell system BIOS in WinPE10x64 environment using Flashupdate tool

Summary: "An "Unsupported System ID" error when updating BIOS in WinPE10x64 environment using Flashupdate tool".

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Flash Utility Error

SLN302332_en_US__1icon NOTE: In a pure Windows 64bit environment it is not possible to run the common Dell executable BIOS flash update. Dell BIOS only supports running in a 32bit available environment. Dell provides a tool to accomplish this called Flash64W.exe (v3.1.1).
This tool is Dell proprietary.

If you are using a version of Dell 64BIT BIOS Flash Utility lower than version 3.1.1 then you may receive an "Unsupported System ID" error on certain Dell Models.


You can download the latest version of the Dell 64BIT BIOS Flash Utility from the Dell Support Website.

The syntax to use the utility is as follows:

Example: To Install BIOS - <pathname>\flash64W.exe /b=<BIOSfilename>.exe

For Usage information see table 1 below:

This Option Does This
/?  Or /h Displays the  help screen
/verFlashExe Displays the version
/b=<PayLoadFile> Gets the flash Payload from this file.
/ecOnly Only flashes the EC payload
/f Bypass BIOS Update rules check
/forceIt Bypasses Power Checks
/keepLogo Keeps the old logo
/l=<logFile> Writes the flash log to <logFile> in silent mode
/noPause Flashes without any prompting
/noReboot Flashes without rebooting, flash waits for reboot
/p=<Pwd> Allows flash to work on Pass worded systems
/updateLom Updates the LOM if mfgMode +FAMM is set
/s "Silent Mode"
Disables the User interface
Turns on logging
Disables the BIOS update rules check
/r Forces a reboot after flashing in /s "Silent Mode"
/d Direct flash (Flash with no RBU) if OSMM mode is set. [UEFI Shell tool only]
/NoVideo Allows flashing without video output when any   mfgmode is set.
/BiosMeasurement Dump TPM PCR0 measurement data to a file.
The default file name is the exe file name. Use /l option to override default file name

Table 1. - Dell 64BIT BIOS Flash Utility Usage table

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Latitude 7370, Latitude 3450, R7910 XL, T7910 XL, Precision 5520, Precision 5510, Precision Rack 7910, Precision Tower 7910, XPS 13 9343, XPS 13 9350, XPS 13 9360, XPS 13 9365 2-in-1, XPS 15 9550

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27 Apr 2021



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