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Article Number: 000054706

Avamar: Backup options for MS Window 2003 OS with Avamar versions from 7.0.1 through 7.5.0

Summary: How to backup Windows 2003 on Avamar versions 7.0.x through 7.5.0

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Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 2003 servers as of July 2015 for 32 Bit & 64 Bit OS

Some Customers may still have a few Windows 2003 systems in their environments and may even be experiencing some backup or restore issues.

This KB article aim to give help in answering the question:
  • How to backup a MS Windows 2003 OS client with the Avamar product?


Newer versions of Avamar no longer offers support for Avamar/DD backups for Microsoft Windows 2003 OS.


Here are All the options to backup Windows 2003 32 & 64 Bit OS

Main options to backup Windows 2003 server (32 & 64 Bit OS) when Avamar server version is 7.2.X or lower:
  • The Avamar client plug-in version 7.X supports Microsoft Windows 2003 (32 & 64 Bit OS) servers.
  • However the plug-in version 7.X supports Win 2003 up to ver. 7.2.X and DD version up to 5.7.2.X.
NOTE: Despite that technical supportability described above the Avamar versions 7.3 and below are all already at it's EOSL "End-Of-Support-Life" in this case the solution may still work but the Avamar support team would not be able to assist you for any present or future issue as long as the Avamar version is at non-supported version.

Alternative options to backup Windows 2003 server (32 & 64 Bit OS): 
  1. Perform a P2V conversion of the Windows 2003 server and then use Avamar VMware to backup the Windows 2003 VM client.(Recommended options)
  2. Use Windows backup for Windows 2003 server to create a .BKF file, then forward it to a supported Avamar client for backup. (e.g. Windows 2012)
  3. Setup an Avamar AVE (Avamar Virtual Edition) v7.2.X to place in your VMware environment, for Windows 2003 clients to use. (Keep in mind that the Avamar 7.2 is already at EOSL)
  4. Follow the RPQ process (Request for Product Qualification) via the DellEMC team to request if in your scenario there is a possibility to apply an HF to support the Win 2003 OS plug-in on Avamar ver. 7.3.x and up to 7.5.0

Additional Information

For any other configurations not mentioned on this KB and up to Avamar server version 7.5.0 please submit RPQ (Request for Product Qualification) to your EMC Account team / Sales team.

If RPQ is approved then a new link to specially modified plug-in will be provided in the RPQ and the following KBs must be reviewed/applied for the Windows 2003 to work properly.
  • KB 500708 - Windows 2003 client with hotfix 278747 installed failed to register to Avamar 7.5.0 with error "Secure clients only. All messages from unsecure port are rejected"
  • KB 500452 - Windows 2003 client with hotfix 278747 installed failed to backup to Avamar 7.5.0 with error 'SOCKET_ERROR in EstablishSslHandshakeLoop'
  • KB 504634 - Avamar Backup of Windows 2003 client is failing with the error "avtar Error <7809>: 0x80096004 ((unknown)) returned by CertVerifyCertificateChainPolicy!"
  • KB 520729 - Restore of migrated backups are failing for all windows 2003 servers with error "[avtar] INTERNAL ERROR: <0001> assert error (!container.isnull()), restdata.cpp line 958"
  • KB 485920 - Avamar: Windows 2003 backups on Avamar ver. 7.0-SP3 and DDVE fails with ddp_mkdir failed

As per your refer here are the two Avamar Compatibility Matrixes:

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Avamar, Avamar Client for Windows, Avamar Desktop/Laptop Option, Avamar Plug-in, Avamar Server

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20 Nov 2020



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