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Article Number: 000061997

NetWorker override rule "last day of the month" in policy action does not work.

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The use of "last day of the month" override rule in policy action will fail to work reliably every month.
For some months (e.g: March, May) the action will not run at the last day of the month and will run 1 to 3 days earlier.


NetWorker does not support the use of the word 'day'.  The override must name the weekday.

Refer to the below from the definition of the override attribute for NSR_Schedule resource from the "Command reference guide" :

"Recurring date is of the form  [ number ] weekday [ [ every ] [ number ] period ] . number can be a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) or an ordinal (first, second, third, etc.) for the first instance and should be a number for the second. weekday must be one of "monday", "tuesday","wednesday", "thursday", "friday", "saturday", "sunday". period must be one of "week", "month", "quarter", or "year". Action/date pairs are separated by commas ( , ). Example: override: full 1/1/1994, full first friday every 2 week;" Therefore, for example, the following overrides are supported and will work: - full second thursday every month - incr first monday every quarter The following overrides are not supported (and will not work reliably): - full last day every month - incr first day every quarter


- Set the schedule using the NetWorker Management Console to run the action on the last day of each month.
- Set the override rule on a specific named day each month ( e.g:  'full first Friday every month' )

Both the NetWorker documentation and the NetWorker Management Console state that the use of the word 'day' will work.  Dell EMC NetWorker Engineering are currently working on fixing this in both the NMC (reference 277037) and the relevant documentation (reference 283557).

Additional Information

This issue has been documented as a known issue in the NetWorker Release Notes on page 14 ( Issue # 277037 )

" In the NMC Policy Action wizard, when you try to add a rules-based override on the last day of each month, the override does not consistently occur.The issue is seen during the months of March, May, July, October, and December. When the previous month had fewer days than the current month, the issue will happen. For example, the override will occur on March 28 when February has only 28 days. For other months, the override will occur on the 30th day even when there are 31 days. "

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20 Nov 2020



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