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(RecoverPoint) XtremIO SBR snapshots older than Required Protection Window disappear even while CG is paused

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XtremIO SBR snapshots older than the Required Protection Window disappeared even while the CG was paused and no new snapshots were being generated.
RecoverPoint Escalation Engineering has confirmed that unlike with other kinds of RecoverPoint replication, with Snap-Based Replication of XtremIO, with the exception of the single most recent snapshot, snapshots will be automatically pruned once they are older than the Required Protection Window, even if the consistency group is paused.


This behavior is to SPEC and requires no fix.

Workaround (to preserve snapshots past the Required Protection Window)

  1. Go into Manage Protection;
  2. On the left, select the Consistency Group;
  3. On the left expand and select the target copy;
  4. At the middle top select the Journal menu;
  5. Under the list of Snapshots, highlight the snapshot in question;
  6. At the bottom of the list, click Snapshot Policy; and finally
  7. In the Snapshot Policy popup for SBR CGs, there is an option to either delete the snapshot or to preserve it for a specified timeframe (even past this auto-pruning). 

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RecoverPoint, RecoverPoint CL, RecoverPoint EX, RecoverPoint SE

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20 Nov 2020



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