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TechCenter Migration FAQ

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What is happening with TechCenter?

As of August 2018, Dell TechCenter is shutting down and the content is migrating to the other locations on

Where did the content go?

The TechCenter Wiki and Blog Posts have primarily migrated to the Dell Support Library as Knowledge Articles and the forum discussions have migrated to Dell Community.  You can find the content by:

Did all the content migrate?

Only selected relevant content was migrated to the new locations on 

Where did the German and Chinese TechCenter go?

The German and Chinese TechCenter sites have shut down to leverage the translated content available on the Dell Knowledge library across several languages.  This will ensure that global customers will have access to the most recent content translated into different languages.

Where are the forums?

The TechCenter forums migrated to the communities earlier in 2018 to join all the Dell community forms.

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20 Nov 2020



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