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How to make the nVidia graphics processor the default graphics adapter using the NVIDIA Control Panel

Summary: Using the NVIDIA Control Panel to set the default graphics adapter when an add-on NVIDIA graphics card is installed.

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This article provides information on how to make the nVidia graphics processor the default graphics adapter when the Optimus setting isn't available in the system BIOS.

How to make the nVidia graphics processor the default graphics adapter

If you wish to primarily use the nVidia graphics processor on a laptop configured with both the nVidia and Intel graphics solutions, you may need to make changes inside of Windows using the NVIDIA Control Panel application. The setting to disable Optimus, which automatically switches between the nVidia and Intel onboard graphics solutions, is not available in the BIOS settings of specific Dell laptops. The affected laptops without this BIOS setting include the Latitude E5440, E5540, E5450, and E5550 models.

To make the nVidia graphics adapter the primary graphics processor on the system, open up the NVIDIA Control Panel>Manage 3D settings. From the drop-down list under Preferred graphics processor: you can choose either Auto-select, nVidia, or Intel graphics solutions:

HOW10586_en_US__1Nvidia Control Panel

Alternately, you can click on the Program Settings Tab and set the graphics processor for each individual program installed on the unit.

HOW10586_en_US__2icon NOTE: Setting the nVidia Graphics Processor as the global graphics processor may have a negative impact on battery run time. It may be necessary to enable the system to automatically switch between the nVidia and onboard Intel graphics processors to obtain maximum battery performance.

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Latitude E5440, Latitude E5450/5450, Latitude E5540, Latitude E5550/5550

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20 Nov 2020



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How To