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How to set up NIC teaming on Windows Server using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4

Summary: This article introduces how to configure the NIC teaming in Windows environment using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4.

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Article Summary

This article provides information about the basic steps to set up NIC teaming using the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) 4 in the Windows system.

Using the BACS, NIC teaming can be set up with adapters such as all the Broadcom NetXtreme and NetXtreme Ⅱ adapters and the Intel NIC adapters (Intel 10/100 system adapter/LOM, Intel Pro 1000 system adapter/LOM, etc.) provided by Dell.


Table of Contents

1. Installation
2. Set Up Teaming




  1. Access to the Support Site, enter the service tag of your system or click Browse all products and select your product.

  2. Click DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS tab, select your OS from Operating system menu and Network from Category menu.

  3. Download the "Broadcom Windows 64bit driver update for NetXtreme Ethernet adapters, XX.X.X".

  4. Run the downloaded driver file.

  5. Click Yes on the Windows Security Warning and click Run.

  6. Click Install on the Update Package screen.
    HOW17067_en_US__1BACS_update package

  7. Click Next on the Welcome screen.

  8. Read the contents on the License Agreement screen, select I accept the terms... and click Next.
    HOW17067_en_US__2BACS_license agreement

  9. On the Custom Setup screen, make sure the BASP is selected and click Next.
    If the "X" is displayed on the BASP, click icon and select This feature and all subfeatures... then click Next.
    HOW17067_en_US__3BACS_custom setup

  10. On the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install.

  11. Once the installation is completed, click Finish to close the wizard.

  12. Click OK on the Update Package screen.
    HOW17067_en_US__4BACS_update package completed


Set Up Teaming


  1. Run the installed Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4.

  2. Select TEAM VIEW from the Filter menu on the menu bar.
    HOW17067_en_US__5BACS_filter menu

  3. Right-click Teams on the left tree and select Create Team.
    HOW17067_en_US__6BACS_create team

  4. When the Broadcom Teaming Wizard is displayed click Next.

  5. On the Team Name screen, enter any team name and click Next.
    HOW17067_en_US__7BACS_team name

  6. On the Team Type screen, select any team type and click Next.
    HOW17067_en_US__8BACS_team type

  7. On the Assigning Team Members screen, select NICs you want to add to the group and click Add. Once all NICs are selected click Next.
    HOW17067_en_US__9BACS_assign team members

  8. On the Designating a Standby Member screen, select Use the following member... if you wish to define a standby NIC from the team and click Next.
    If you wish to define Active and Standby clearly between NICs, select Enable Auto-Fallback....
    HOW17067_en_US__10BACS_standby setting

  9. On the Configuring LiveLink screen, set up the LiveLink if you need and click Next.

  10. On the Configure VLAN Support screen, set up the VLAN if you need and click Next.

  11. When the "Congratulations!" message is displayed, select Commit changes to... to save the settings and click Finish to close the wizard.
    If you continue to set up another teaming, select Save changes and....


    HOW17067_en_US__11icon It would take a few minutes to configure the teaming depends on the environment.
    Also, note that the network connection would be disconnected temporarily during configuring the teaming.



  12. Once the configuration is completed, confirm the "BASP Virtual Adapter" is displayed on the network connections.




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Servers, Broadcom NetXtreme Family of Adapters

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16 Sep 2021



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How To