A usage guide to Dell TechDirect

Summary: A usage Guide for Dell TechDirect including, Case Creation, Self-Dispatch and Support Requests.

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In this article, you will learn almost everything about TechDirect, from the Registration to the Dispatch Process.

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What is TechDirect?

From deployment to support, the TechDirect portal gives your IT experts the tools they need to efficiently manage Dell EMC products. Conveniently available 24x7, you can request support for in-warranty systems and manage staff certifications. Enjoy even more TechDirect features when you purchase ProDeploy Plus for client systems.

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Enroll for TechDirect

Your company should designate an Administrator to set up your TechDirect account. This Administrator will go to www.TechDirect.com and click the Register now button to begin the enrollment process. As part of this process, the Administrator will add Technician users who will receive an email confirming their enrollment and providing log in details. Users wishing to dispatch parts must first complete the free, online certification courses available within the TechDirect online portal.

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Add a Branch/Group

To add a new Branch/Group follow these steps:

HOW12318_en_US__1icon Note: You will need an Administrator Account to add a new Branch/Group.
  1. Navigate to Utilities and click Administrator Control Panel.
  2. Click the tab Groups.
  3. Now click the Add Group button on the bottom left.
  4. Fill in all details of the Branch/Group and click Save.
  5. Now you can choose if you want to add Technicians to the Group right away. You can do this also later if you want.

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Add Technician

To create a new Technician Account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Utilities and click Administrator Control Panel.
  2. Choose the category Technicians.
  3. On the following page click the Add Technician button.
  4. Fill in all the Data about the Technician and choose a role for the account.
    HOW12318_en_US__1icon Note: Hover over the role names to get a brief description of the role.
  5. Click Next and select the Branch you want the Technician to be assigned to.
  6. Click Next, check die provided data and click Send to confirm.

The Technician will now get an Email and can login into his TechDirect Account.

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How to get certified for Self-Dispatch

Before a Self-Dispatch can be created, the Technician needs to get certified. Technicians can manage their Dell System Engineer Certification directly within TechDirect by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Services and click Self-Dispatch.
  2. In the Get Authorized Box click the Apply button.
  3. You will then be redirected to educate.dell.com, here you click on My Learning.
  4. Click All Learning Activity on the left side.
  5. Click My Certifications on the left side.
  6. On the right side you will see a list of available System Certifications. Hover the Actions Link on the far right of the Table.
  7. In the Pop-Up click Begin Registration

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Create a Support Request

To create a new Support Request, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Services and click Technical Support.
  2. At Create New Service Request click the Create button.
  3. Enter the Service-Tag of the System for which the case should be opened.
  4. In the next Step, enter detailed information about the support case and click Next to continue:
    • Description of the Problem
    • Troubleshooting steps done
    • Steps to solve the Issue
    • Documents, Pictures or other Files (for example Logs)
  5. Provide the contact details of the contact person on site. Dell suggest to name at least two contacts.
  6. Specify the location of the system. You can also select the address from the list if you saved it before.
  7. Check the provided information again and click Next. After this, you will see the confirmation including the Service Request Number.

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Create a Self-Dispatch

To create a Dispatch, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Services and click Self-Dispatch.
  2. At Create Disptach click the Create button.
  3. Enter the Service-Tag of the System and select the Branch from the list.
  4. Check the System Details shown and click Next to continue.
  5. Provide information about the Technician and Customer onsite.
  6. If the spare part is requested including an onsite engineer, please specify a repair date.
  7. Please describe the problem including which steps you have done to analyse and solve the issue. If available provide the ePSA error code and click Next
    HOW12318_en_US__1icon Here you can also add files like Screenshots or Logs. Please be aware that logs are necessary for Server Dispatches.
  8. Select the needed spare parts (up to 4) from the list and provide the serial number for each part if possible.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the site. Here you can select if a onsite engineer is needed or just continue with a click on Next if you got your own technician onsite to repair the system.
  10. Check all provided data again and confirm the request.

Dell will now check the request and create the dispatch if all provided data is fine.

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