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Dell Technologies SolVe Online

Summary: SolVe is a customer portal to get step-by-step procedures on specific Dell Technologies products.

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SolVe is a customer portal that services, Atmos, Avamar, Celerra, Centera, CLARiiON, Cloud Disaster Recovery, CloudBoost, CloudLink, Connectrix, CPSD Converged Infrastructure, Data Domain, Data Domain Virtual Edition, Data Protection Advisor, Dell Cyber Recovery, Dell Unity, DLm, ECS, Gateway Connectivity, Global Quality and Efficiency Services, Greenplum, Integrated Data Protection Appliance, Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, Isilon, Metro node, NetWorker, PowerEdge, PowerFlex Family, PowerMax and VMAX, PowerPath, PowerProtect, PowerStore, PowerVault, RecoverPoint, SC Series, SourceOne, SRM, SupportAssist Enterprise, VNX, VNXe, VPLEX, VxFlex Ready Node, VxRail Appliance, XC Series, XtremIO.

Dell Technologies SolVe Online is a lightweight browser-based web application to get step-by-step procedures on specific products. SolVe provides Single Sign On (SSO) authentication with Dell Security to gain access to the application.

Cause See Resolution section.

Do not have an "Active" Enterprise Account.  



There are Product Generators to provide step-by-step Guided Instructions (textual and video) for software and hardware upgrades, installations, and parts replacement.  



How to Access SolVe Online

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How to Register for SolVe Online

Dell Technologies customers who want access to Solve Online must register for use by creating an account. SolVe Online is for use by enterprise customers only to access equipment articles, video, and technical data. Initial registration for an online account is for anyone with a valid email address - consumer, partner, enterprise business user. It is only the subsequent provisioning with Dell that requires a business-specific email domain address for your company. 
SLN320822_en_US__2icon Gmail, Yahoo, and other generic email domains are not valid business accounts.

Registration is found under the Sign In area using the "Create an account" selection. At the "Create an account" screen, enter your account registration information:


It is not mandatory that users validate your account in order to get basic (nonpartner, nonenterprise customer) access. In order to receive partner or enterprise access, account validation is required.


Confirming Business Accounts

Business accounts must be validated to gain enterprise access to features and content, once validated business users are provisioned to the Domain of their registration.

To prevent employees of partners from individually registering Dell implemented the validation of the registration. The individuals are prompted to verify their account association. The user is taken to a page that guides them to the appropriate resource when selecting the partner PC or personal device or "none" options. Validated users selecting the first option, a business customer, continue through the full registration process.

Account Validation

If the user has not previously validated their account, the user is asked to complete a two-step verification. A One Time Passcode (OTP) is sent to the registering user's email so the user can proceed.

Validation is required before creating an enterprise account, the user must complete this step before proceeding.

Business Account Information Collection

To provide service for business users basic contact information is needed:

If the email domain has previously been confirmed for online access, the user account is immediately configured for online access. First-time users registering with a new email domain have limited access temporarily to allow for review and setup of the new account. For all other users, the account setup is complete with the user being redirected to the destination site they were attempting to access.

Web_icon.jpg  Review the SolVe page for your specific product.

Dell Technologies SolVe Online service platform provides information about Customer Replaceable Units (CRU) and other parts replacements using SolVe for Dell Enterprise storage products.

SolVe Online is a knowledge solution for our global Customers, Dell Partners, and Dell Technologies Employees to access trusted best-practice guided instructions for common service tasks. These might include everything from product installations, upgrades, and basic to complex troubleshooting.

The SolVe application offers navigation choices by product, model, version, and so forth, to guide users to obtain instructions on how to complete a service-based activity.

These include Procedures, Videos, Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) Instructions, related Knowledgebase Articles, and Warnings for known issues from Dell Technical and Security Advisories.


How to Use SolVe Online:

  • Go to 
  • Click "All Products" tab.
  • Click a tile for the SolVe Product Generator - Example: Avamar
  • Choose a path.

Choose a path:

Example: Click the "CRU Procedure" path under the FRU or CRU.


Navigate through the options:

Radio buttons help you make choices before choosing "Next" to continue. At the end, you see an option to "generate" the step-by-step procedure.

SolVe Online also includes:
  • Search - Type what you are looking for into the Search box.
  • Knowledge Base Articles (See Top Service Topics Tab).
  • CRU Videos which are translated into 16 languages! (See Tools and Forms Tab.)
  • Dell Technical Advisories and Dell Security Advisories (See Advisories Tab).
  • Support and Feedback - (See the Support Tab).

Need help? Contact us. We are here to support you!
Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) Videos 

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12 Jan 2023



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