Dell Update or Alienware Update Stuck at “Operation is 10% Completed”

Summary: How to fix Dell Update or Alienware Update not going past 10% when clicking Check for updates.

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This article contains information about resolving update progress hanging after clicking "Check" in the Welcome screen for Dell Update or Alienware Update application.

Affected Product:

  • Dell Update 3.1.3
  • Alienware Update 3.1.3


Dell Update and Alienware Update communicates with the Dell Client Management Service to perform the update tasks invoked by the user. When the user clicks "Check" on the Welcome screen, the application calls the service to perform a scan for updates. The service, in turn, will open C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdateService\Clients\Update\Scheduler.dat to check for any scheduled tasks.

When Scheduler.dat is corrupted, the service gets an error and does not report back to the application which is expecting a response from the service. The application is left waiting and displays the last progress information that it received.


Follow the below steps for the solution:

  1. Close the Dell Update or Alienware Update User Interface (UI).
  2. Right-click the Windows Start Menu, and then click Run (Figure 1).
    Figure 1
  3. In the Run UI, type Services.msc and then click OK (Figure 2).
    SLN322662_en_US__2Windows Services_msc
    Figure 2
  4. In the Services UI, right-click "Dell Client Management Service" and then click Stop (Figure 3).
    SLN322662_en_US__3Windows Services DCMS
    Figure 3
  5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\ProgramData\dell\UpdateService\Clients\Update.
  6. Delete Scheduler.dat.
  7. Exit Windows Explorer.
  8. In the Services UI, right-click "Dell Client Management Service" and then click Start (Figure 4).
    SLN322662_en_US__4Windows Services DCMS 02
    Figure 4
  9. Exit the Services UI.
  10. Reopen the Dell Update or Alienware Update UI.
  11. Click "Check" to start the update process.

If you have further questions about this article, contact Dell Technical Support.

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Alienware Update, Dell Update

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21 Feb 2021



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