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A guide to the initial setup of Dell Data Protection Access on a Dell PC

Summary: This page provides information on how to go about setting up DDP|A on a new Dell PC for the first time.

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This article provides information on how to go about setting up DDP|A on a new Dell PC for the first time

Table of Contents:

  1. What is DDP|A and how do I set it up on my new Dell PC?
  2. Pre-Install requirements and instructions
  3. Initial setup instructions
  4. Initial setup instructions for Drive Encryption
  5. Initial setup instructions for Biometrics, Pre-Boot Login and Smart Cards

1. What is DDP|A and how do I set it up on my new Dell PC?

Dell Data Protection | Access (DDP|A) is an integrated end point security management suite.

  • It provides for seamless data security and authentication.
  • It allows you to authenticate using a fingerprint, smartcard, contactless smartcard or password.
  • Pre-Windows can be configured to unlock self-encrypting drives upon authentication.

For more advanced configuration advice please check out this PDF.

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2. Pre-Install requirements and instructions

You can find a full guide on the link below:


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3. Initial setup instructions


1. The first step is to check to see if the DDP|A is installed and present in the Start>Programs>Dell>Dell Data Protection folder.



2. Also check Programs and Features to see if the DDP|A software is installed.

3. Is the software already installed?

  1. If the answer is YES then proceed to step 4.

  2. If the answer is NO then proceed to step 13 at the end of this guide.

4. Click on the Access entry in Start>Programs>Dell Data Protection>Access.

5. Click Yes to the UAC prompt.

6. Click I Accept to the agreement.




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4. Initial setup instructions for Drive Encryption


The first window that appears is the Access Options. From here, the customer can choose Access (fingerprints, SmartCard, Preboot Authentication) or Self Encrypting Drive. 

1. Click on Self Encrypting Drive.


2. Then Click Setup.


3. Now it will ask you to set your particular credentials, such as username and password. Once entered, click Next


4. Put the check in the I understand box and click Next.


5. Then you will have the option to save a backup of the credential information. This is a good idea in case you lose it or the Employee with the information leaves. Once chosen, click Next.


6. The drive will now encrypt.


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5. Initial setup instructions for Biometrics, Pre-Boot Login and Smart Cards

1. To set up pre-boot authentication, Smart Cards, or enroll fingerprints for the Biometrics we click on Access from the main menu.


2. you will see your menu choices.


3. If we choose Passwords at top of the Access menu, we can create pre-boot-Admin Hard drive passwords.


4. If we click Devices at the top, we can see our authentication devicesTPM settingsControlVault configuration, and encryption settings.


5. Enrolling fingerprints, SmartCards, and passwords is similar to the Dell ControlPoint Security interface. Here are some screenshots:

Main Access Window


6. Pre-boot login menu


7. What can I do if DDP|A is not in the Start>Programs menu?

8. Remember, this is not for systems older than Late 2010. If the DDP|A entry is not showing in Start>Programs, you may need to install it from the original directory.

9. For 32 bit versions, the path is %systemroot%\Programs Files\Dell\Dell Data Protection\Access\Installer.

10. For 64 bit versions, this will be %systemroot%\Programs Files (X86)\Dell\Dell Data Protection\Access\Installer.

11. The installer should install Wave.

12. Then the DDP|A should show up in Start>programs>Dell\Dell Data Protection\Access.

13. You can also download it from the Dell Support site.



If you want to upgrade from DCP to DDP|A then you will want to follow the guide below:

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