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Dell Speakerphone With Multiport Adapter - MH3021P Power Requirements

Summary: This article describes the Dell Speakerphone with Multiport Adapter - MH3021P features and AC power pass through capability.

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Note: Dell has renamed the "Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P," to the "Dell Speakerphone with Multiport Adapter - MH3021P."

When a user is using the Dell Speakerphone with Multiport Adapter - MH3021P, they have the option of having it powered by the computers (USB Type-C). You can also provide power by attaching the computers AC power adapter to the speakerphone directly. When the user attaches the AC power adapter to the speakerphone itself, the speakerphone reserves 15w of power for itself. This lowers the amount of power that is transferred to the computer during use. This may generate an undersized power adapter error during post or while in Windows.
Example: user attaches 90w adapter to the MH3021P speakerphone, it reserves 15w for itself and transfer 75w to the computer.
 Power Source Plugged into MH3021P   Power to Laptop**
 130W  90W
 90W  75W
 65W  50W
 45W  30W

Users do not have to provide dedicated power to the speakerphone but get additional functionality from the MH3021P speakerphone if they do. When the MH3021P speakerphone has an AC adapter that is connected, it also becomes a powered USB hub to power devices such as USB hard drives. Without the AC adapter that is connected to the MH3021P speakerphone, the USB ports on the speakerphone can only power keyboards, mice, USB memory keys, and such.

 MH3021P without power

MH3021P with power
MH3021P with monitor

Note: The Dell Speakerphone with Multiport Adapter - MH3021P can only output a maximum of 90w to the computer. If the computer requires 130w, it needs a 130w adapter that is connected to the computer, or the battery drains during usage.


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Dell Speakerphone with Multiport Adapter – MH3021P

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19 Dec 2022



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