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Dell UP2718Q monitor: Displays graphic distortions when resuming from sleep using a USB Type-C dock

Summary: How to resolve an issue with graphics distortion or blanking video on Dell UP2718Q monitor connected to a Dell XPS 9570 or Precision 5530 using a USB Type-C docking solution.

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The Dell UP2718Q monitor may exhibit distortions or blanking video when resuming from sleep while connected to the Dell XPS 9570 laptop or Precision 5530 Mobile Workstation using a USB Type-C docking solution.

SLN317392_en_US__1U2718Q graphics distortion
Figure 1 Example of graphics distortion on UP2718Q monitor

This issue appears when the UP2718Q monitor is connected to the XPS 9570 or Precision 5530 with the following conditions:

  • The XPS 9570 or Precision 5530 is connected to either a TB16, WD15, or WD19/WD19S series Dell Dock
  • The UP2718Q monitor is connected to the TB16, WD15, or WD19/WD19S series Dell Dock using a DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable connection
  • You have set the display mode to Extend mode under the Multiple display settings in Windows
  • You have set the XPS 9570 or Precision 5530 to Sleep mode
  • You wake up the laptop after 10 minutes and the graphic distortion or blanking video is seen on the UP2718Q monitor

Affected systems


(Figure.2 UP2718Q Monitor)


(Figure.3 XPS 9570/Precision 5530)






Updating the system to the latest version of the Intel Graphics driver will help resolve the issue. To download and install the latest update:

  1. Browse to the Dell Drivers and downloads page:

  2. Select the Operating System

  3. Under Category, select Video

  4. Locate the latest Intel Graphic Diver

  5. Click Download and save the file to your computer

  6. Uninstall the existing Intel Graphics driver from Apps and Features in the Windows settings menu, and selecting Intel Graphic Diver

  7. Restart the PC once the uninstall is complete

  8. Open File Explorer and browse to the location where the downloaded file is saved

  9. Double-click the graphics setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process

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Affected Product

Dell U2718Q, Dell Dock – WD19S, Precision 5530, XPS 15 9570


Dell Dock WD15, Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16, Dell Dock WD19, Dell Performance Dock - WD19DC, Dell Performance Dock – WD19DCS, Dell Thunderbolt Dock - WD19TB, Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD19TBS

Last Published Date

09 Feb 2024



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