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Configuring the lighting features on the Dell G-Series 5000 desktop

Summary: The following article provides information about the new lighting features on the Dell G5 5000 series desktops. How to configure the lighting to your requirements.

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New Light features have been added to the Dell G5 5000 series desktops


Dell has new lighting features on the G5 5000 series gaming desktops. This includes a light bar on the front of the computer and lighting the interior of the computer. (Visible through a transparent panel in the left-hand side of the chassis.)

SLN321798_en_US__1AWCC Lighting Illustration

(Figure.1 New Light Features)

1 Front Lighting Module 2 Internal Lighting Module

Table.1 Picture Callouts

NOTE: The option for the internal light module and transparent access panel needs to be selected at the point of purchase. Without this option, the computer ships with a standard side door and the lighting zones are limited to the front bezel only.

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Configuring the lighting feature on the Dell G5 5000 series desktops


The following instructions take you step-by-step through the configuration of the new lighting feature:

  1. Open up the Alienware Command Center (ACC) application on your PC.

  2. Go to the FX tab (1).


(Figure.2 go to the light menu)

  1. Click the lighting menu (2).

  2. Select your system type: (3)

    (G5 5000)


(Figure.4 Choose your system type)

  1. Tick the checkbox next to All Zones to change the lighting color (4).

  2. Changing the R (Red), G (Green), and B (Blue) values, changes the color of the lighting (5).

    (The recommended default color is pure blue - R = 0, G = 0, B = 255)

    NOTE: There is no means to turn the lighting off. You can adjust the color to show black by adjusting the color values to R = 0, G = 0, B = 0.



(Figure.5 Configure Screen)

  1. Tick the checkbox next to Front Bezel to make changes that only affect the front lighting module (6).

  2. Using the brightness slider, you can set the front light to your desired level (7).

    (The tick next to All Zones should have disappeared and the preview picture should now call out the external and internal light as 1 and 2)


(Figure.6 Front Light Brightness)

NOTE: If you were looking for information about the light bar on the G-Series Notebooks, check out the following article:

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Dell G5 5000, Dell G5 5090

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09 Sep 2021



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