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PowerEdge - How to View or Clear the System Event Log

Summary: How to view and clear the system event log (SEL) in System Setup

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System events are available as a separate log called System Event Log (SEL) for PowerEdge Server. The System Event Log page displays a system health indicator, a timestamp, and a description for each event logged.
The System Event Log is accessible through the iDRAC Web interface, RACADM, and the system setup page.


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The System Event Log (SEL) can be viewed or cleared by using the iDRAC Web Interface, System Setup, or RACADM. Select the appropriate method for more information.

iDRAC Web Interface

  1. To view the SEL, from the iDRAC web interface, go to Maintenance > System Event Log.

iDRAC System Event Log
Figure 1: iDRAC System Event Log

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and if there is a problem when saving, download the Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer. You can download it from the Microsoft Support website at
  1. To clear the logs, click Clear Log.

Clear log
Figure 2: Clear log

Note: Clear Log only appears if you have the Clear Logs permission. After the SEL is cleared, an entry is logged in the Lifecycle Controller log. The log entry includes the username and the IP address from where the SEL was cleared.

System Setup

You can view the total number of records of the System Event Log (SEL) and clear the logs that are on this page.

  1. Press F2 during POST to enter System Setup.

Entering System Setup
Figure 3: Entering System Setup

  1. Select iDRAC Settings.

iDRAC settings
Figure 4: iDRAC settings

  1. Go to System Event Log.

System Event Log
Figure 5: System Event Log

  1. To clear records, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.

Clear records
Figure 6: Clear records

Saving settings
Figure 7: Saving settings

  1. To view the system events, click Display System Event Log.
  2. Click Back, click Finish, and then click Yes.


To view the SEL, type:

racadm getsel <options>

If no arguments are specified, the entire log is displayed.

To display the number of SEL entries, type:

racadm getsel -i

To clear the SEL entries, type:

racadm clrsel
Note: For more information about RACADM commands, reference the iDRAC RACADM CLI Guide available at Remote Enterprise Systems Management after selecting your iDRAC.

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