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Dell Latitude 3350 Keyboard Guide

Summary: This page shows you what tasks the Function keys perform on a Latitude 3350

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The following guide lists the keyboard shortcuts available and the functions they perform on the Dell Latitude 3350.

Keyboard Shortcut Key Functions

The below table is a list of combination short-cut key functions available on the Latitude 3350

SLN303115_en_US__1Latitude 3350 Keyboard12(1)
(Figure 1: Latitude 3350 Keyboard)

Function key combo Result
Esc Fn + Esc Activates Function Key Lock
F1 Fn + F1 Mute Audio
F2 Fn + F2 Decrease Volume
F3 Fn + F3 Increase Volume
F4 Fn + F4 Toggle Microphone On/Off
F5 Fn + F5 Toggle Number Lock On/Off (Enabled in BIOS, for using embedded numeric keys)
F6 Fn + F6 Enable or Disable Scroll Lock
F7 Fn + F7 Toggles between external displays and/or the internal LCD
F8 Fn + F8 Search (Windows 8 onwards)
F11 Fn + F11 Decrease LCD Brightness
F12 Fn + F12 Increase LCD Brightness
PrtScr Fn + PrtScr Toggle Wireless (Wi-Fi) On/Off
Insert Fn + Insert Enter Sleep / Hibernation mode
Left Arrow Fn + ← Home
Right Arrow Fn + → End


SLN303115_en_US__2icon Note: If you experience problems with your keyboard, please follow the troubleshooting link below:

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