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PowerEdge 14G and Datacenter Scalable Solutions servers - How to register the iDRAC 9 embedded SupportAssist?

Summary: For using all functionalities of the embedded SupportAssist module in Dell PowerEdge and Datacenter Scalable Solutions Servers with iDRAC9, you first have to register the tool. The registration enables the automated, proactive and predictive features of SupportAssist and is mandatory for automated uploads of support information to Dell Support. ...

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This article explains how to register the SupportAssist module embedded in the internal Dell Remote Access Controllers version 9 (iDRAC9) of Dell PowerEdge 14G and Datacenter Scalable Solutions servers.

For enabling the automatedproactive and predictive features of SupportAssist for a system, a registration is required. Generating and saving a SupportAssist Collection locally or to a network share for maintenance purpose is possible even without registration.

Find additional information about your iDRAC in the User Manual matching to the installed firmware.



For starting the registration process, the OS to BMC / iDRAC Pass-through must be enabled in the iDRAC connectivity settings.

Enable OS to BMC / iDRAC Pass-through
  1. After logging into the iDRAC web interface, go to iDRAC Settings(Fig. 1)
  2. Now click on the Connectivity tab (Fig. 1)
  3. Expand the OS to iDRAC Pass-through section (Fig. 1) by clicking on it
  4. Set the State option to Enabled (Fig. 1)
  5. Set the Pass-through Mode to USB NIC (Fig 1)


Fig. 1: Enabling the OS to BMC/iDRAC Pass-Through function

SLN306712_en_US__2icon SupportAssist is available in 25 languages and is set to the same language as that of the OS. To change the language, click the settings icon in the top right corner, select your preferred language and Click Yes to restart SupportAssist in the selected language.



Registration Wizard

The SupportAssist Registration wizard (Fig. 2) will automatically start when you enter the SupportAssist section of the Maintenance tab in the iDRAC web interface.
If you cancel the wizard, the blue Register button in the upper left corner gives you the option to restart it.

Fig. 2: iDRAC9 SupportAssist Registration Wizard

To complete the registration, enter the required Contact and Shipping Information.

  1. Primary Contact Information

    The Primary Contact is the first person to be informed when it comes to support related incidents.

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Alternate Number (if first contact phone number is not available)
    • Email Address
    • Service Address (physical address, where the device will be serviced or where replacement parts should be shipped)
    • Company Name
    • Adress (of Company / Contact)



  2. Secondary Contact Information

    Enter a Secondary Contact to ensure a proper flow of information in case unavailability of the Primary Contact.

    SLN306712_en_US__2icon Note: You can remove or change the secondary contact information at any point of time.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Alternate Number (if first contact phone number is not available)
    • Email Address


After accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA), check the summary if the details are displayed correctly.

Additional Information

To register to use iDRAC-integrated SupportAssist, the network must be able to communicate with the Dell server via the host OS using iSM.

We have observed in past cases that the following servers need to be communicated with.

If the customer's network has a firewall or other restrictions on communication with the outside, SupportAssist registration will fail.

In that case, they need to register an exception to allow communication, but the customer does not know the requirement to communicate with the server mentioned above, so they contact technical support because the registration fails.

The only way for the customer to know this is to contact Technical Support, as these are not mentioned in the iDRAC User's Guide or Release Notes.

The Secure Connect Gateway User's Guide lists them as "Network Requirements".

The local system must be able to connect to the following Enterprise servers through port 443:

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