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Installing a Dell Laser Printer on an Ubuntu Operating System

Summary: Guide for installing a Dell Laser Printer on an Ubuntu Operating System.

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  1. Installing a Dell Laser Printer on an Ubuntu Operating System

This article provides information on "Installing a Dell Laser Printer on an Ubuntu Operating System"

1. Installing a Dell Laser Printer on an Ubuntu Operating System


The Ubuntu Operating system is not supported on all models of Dell Laser Printer. Please use the Printer's User Guide to determine whether your model of Laser Printer is supported.

In order to install a Dell Printer on this OS, please use the generic Postscript Driver, as described below:

  1. Plug the USB Cable in and turn on the Printer.
  2. Click on System Settings, then the Printing Icon.

    SLN284862_en_US__11382367806465_ubuntu 1 version
  3. In the Printer configuration window click Add.

    SLN284862_en_US__21382367892029_ubuntu 2 version
  4. The New Printer window will automatically start searching for any connected printers. If directly connected it should show up in the Devices list on the left.

    SLN284862_en_US__31382367944591_ubuntu 3 version
  5. Once you find the appropriate printer in the Device menu click Forward.
  6. The system will now search for the correct Driver. It will not automatically find the Driver, you must use the menu to point the system to the generic PPD File.
  7. Make sure the 'Select Printer from Database' option is selected.
  8. Highlight the 'Generic' setting.
    Click Forward.
  9. Select the generic driver you wish to use (use the User Guide for the specific Printer to verify the Driver option your printer supports).
    Note: Not all Dell Laser Printers support Linux or Ubunto. In some cases it is possible to use the RPM file (available on the Dell support site for supported Printer models) but you would need to extract the PPD file from the driver package).
  10. Then click Forward.

    SLN284862_en_US__41382368151515_ubuntu 6 version
  11. Click apply.
  12. Print a Test Page.

    SLN284862_en_US__51382368213234_ubuntu 8 version
  13. The Printer should now be installed and displayed under the Printer configuration window.

    SLN284862_en_US__61382368269484_ubuntu 9 version

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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