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S2817Q Monitor - No Video Issues When on HDMI with the DA200 Adaptor

Summary: DA200 adaptor no video on the display while it is configured in the HDMI 1.4 mode on S2817Q Monitor

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Summary: Dell adapter USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0 (DA200) no video when connected to a Dell 28 Ultra HD 4K Monitor - S2817Q.

S2817 No Video on a Dell USB-C to HDMI / VGA / Ethernet / USB 3.0 Adapter (DA200)

The Dell USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0 adapter (DA200) provides Video Graphics Array (VGA) and High Definition Multi-Media Interface (HDMI) video connections and an Ethernet connection in a single USB Type-C adapter dongle. (See figure 1.)
Figure 1. - Dell USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0 adapter (DA200)

Users of the Dell 28 Ultra HD 4K Monitor - S2817Q may encounter no video on the display while it is configured in the HDMI 1.4 mode (Default) when connected to the HDMI port of a DA200 adapter.

Due to the DA200 limitation of HDTV 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the DA200 adapter is not a recommended adapter to use with the S2817Q. 

The Dell 28 Ultra HD 4K Monitor - S2817Q has a default Ultra HD resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) @ 30 Hz, HDMI 1.4.

Use a USB Type-C HDMI Adapter

If you need to use a system with a USB Type-C port to connect to a S2817Q Ultra HD 4K Monitor, Dell recommends a basic USB Type-C to HDMI cable (See Figure 2.).

Figure 2. - USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter Dell Part number 47KD7.

With this adapter (USB Type-C to HDMI adapter Dell Part# 47KD7), S2817Q monitor will display video as designed.

The S2817Q will operate at 4K @ 30Hz when HDMI 1.4 is selected in the On-Screen Display (OSD) setup and will operate in 4K @ 60Hz when HDMI 2.0 is selected.

SLN303466_en_US__3Monitors More information and support for your Dell monitor, laptop or tablet screen can be found on our Monitor Support site.

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Dell S2817Q

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12 Aug 2021



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