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SC Storage Customer Notification: SCv3000 Series, SC5020, and SC7020 systems do not retain iDRAC Email Alert Information

Summary: SMTP Settings in iDRAC do not retain in SCv3000 Series, SC5020, and SC7020 systems.

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When attempting to set SNMP and Email Alerts on an SCv3000 Series, SC5020, or SC7020 series system, settings are not saved/retained.


After setting a BMC Adddress within Dell Storage Manager and logging into the iDRAC interface of the SC array, the following path can be followed to set the SMTP Server and Email Address fields:

Expand Overview, Expand Server, Click Alerts, and then click SNMP and Email Settings

The email addresses and SMTP server fields are editable and clicking "Apply" seems to retain the settings.


However, upon closing the iDRAC interface or navigating away from the page and returning the values are not saved/retained.



This is a known issue with the iDRAC specific to the SCv3000 Series, SC5020, and SC7020 systems.  Please use SMTP Alerting features within Dell Storage Manager.

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Affected Product

Dell Storage SC5020, Dell Storage SC5020F, Dell Storage SC7020, Dell Storage SC7020F, Dell Storage SCv3000, Dell Storage SCv3020

Last Published Date

21 Feb 2021



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