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Windows Server: Common Issues in Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4 (BACS4)

Summary: information on common issues encountered in Broadcom Advanced Control Suite version 4 (BACS4) on Windows servers

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This article provides information on common issues encountered in Broadcom Advanced Control Suite version 4 (BACS4) on Windows servers.

Table of Contents:

  1. "Control Suite" component is management client only
  2. Adapter teaming is not available

1. "Control Suite" component is management client only

The first issue concerns the installer. Notice that the CIM Provider is now a requirement for the BASP driver and that there are no components beneath the Control Suite. This is a change from previous versions of the application. The Control Suite component is simply the management client, allowing you to manage the local server or a remote machine.

In order for a machine to be managed (locally or remotely) using BACS, it must have the CIM Provider component installed. It is easy to forget to install this component. Attempting to manage a machine that does not have the CIM Provider installed will result in a "Cannot connect to host" error, which can be confusing when attempting to manage the local server. The solution is simple: install the CIM Provider component on the machine you wish to manage by starting the installation file again, and choose CIM Provider and BASP (Figure 1 below (Only English).
Figure 1 : BACS version 4 installation

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2. Adapter teaming is not available

The second issue concerns network adapter teaming. As you can see in the image below, the Teams menu at the top is not available. This occurs if BACS is not launched with administrator privileges. If BACS is launched from the system tray, as is common practice, it will run without administrator privileges. In order to use the full functionality of BACS, it is necessary to right-click BACS in the Start menu, select Run as Administrator, and click Yes when prompted by User Account Control.

Figure 2 : BACS version 4 - Adapter options

The Teams menu will still be unavailable until you select TEAM VIEW from the Filter dropdown list as shown below:

Figure 3 : BACS version 4 - Teaming View

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