How to Download and install the Roxio Burn Software on your Dell PC

Summary: This article provides information on how to download, install and uninstall the Roxio Burn Software on your Dell PC.

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The following article provides information on how to download, install and uninstall the Roxio Burn Software on your Dell PC.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Roxio Burn Software?
  2. Download guide
  3. Install guide
  4. Uninstall guide


What is Roxio Burn Software?


The Roxio Burn software is a complimentary application put on some systems at the point of sale.

It is not part of the Roxio Creator suite, its a basic CD/DVD burner program instead, that was designed for systems using Windows XP through to Windows 7.

This is a basic program that comes in handy in several circumstances.

It can be installed in troubleshooting to verify the status of :

  • The burning software built into Windows Vista and 7.
  • Any third-party burning software you're having issues with.
  • To confirm if the issue is with software or with the burning hardware. i.e. the CD/DVD-R -RW drive.

In Windows XP, it's a free program that will allow you to burn CD/DVD's which can be useful for backups and making reinstall media.

Because it's basic, there's less to go wrong with it and It's useful as a benchmark for other programs.

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Download guide


  1. The software is available from the Dell Downloads and Support site and search for Sonic Solutions Roxio Burn Application.


  1. When you bring the page up, click on download file or click straight on the link below.

  1. Save the zipped file to your Desktop.

  2. Right-click on the file and select Extract to and choose a location on your hard disk. Alternatively, double click on the file and it should bring up an auto-extract wizard. follow the wizard.

  3. Open the location you extracted the file to and double click on the Setup file.


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Install guide


  1. An InstallShield wizard pops up, click next to begin.


  1. Read and Agree to the EULA for the install to continue. No stops the install.


  1. The wizard asks to choose a location to install to. If you want to change from the default choice, then click on browse and select a new location. Click next when you're ready to continue.


  1. Click on the install button to kick off the installation.


  1. An install progress bar pops up and when it's complete it changes to a setup completed screen.



  1. When you click on finish a pop up advises you need to restart your PC to finish the install off. You can choose yes or no. Yes restarts your PC straight away and no delays the restart until your ready to proceed.


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Uninstall guide


  1. To uninstall the program you will want to go to your Start Menu and open Control Panel. In control panel you will need to select either Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features, depending on the version of your Operating System (OS).


  1. Select Roxio burn from the list that is generated.


  1. Choose to uninstall or remove, again depending on your OS version.


  1. An uninstall shield will start the uninstall process and bring up the choice of repair or remove. Select remove.


  1. This brings up the removal option. Select remove again.


  1. A Progress bar comes up and once complete an uninstall completed windows pops up.


  1. Click Finish to finalise the removal.


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