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How to inspect and change BIOS configurations on a PowerEdge C-Series server with SetupBIOS tool

Summary: BIOS configuration instructions for your Dell C Series PowerEdge server

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This article describes how to manage the PowerEdge C-Series servers using the SetupBIOS Tool


Setupbios is a PowerEdge-C specific tool that allows for on the fly collection of BIOS settings and facilitates deployment using a configuration file created from a baseline system

It can be downloaded from

The tool requires a bios_settings.cxxxx file in order to operate. This settings file must be located in the directory from where the tool is used.

*NOTE* For x64 Operating Systems, you need to use the "alternate version" of setupbios. (setupbios.static…)

*NOTE* Recommend install directory for the tool and the settings files: /opt/dell/pec/sys_mgmt_pack/setupbios/ 
  • ./setupbios

Shows a list of commands that can be used with the tool 
  • ./setupbios setting show
    Gives a list of all the available BIOS settings for the server. (The "*" indicates the BIOS default setting) 


Changing, saving, and deploying BIOS settings:

  • ./setupbios setting set virtualization_tech enabled
    Sets the Virtualization Technology BIOS setting to enabled.


  • ./setupbios setting save >biosetting
    Saves the current BIOS settings to the biosetting file. (You can view this file using the cat biosetting command.)

  • ./setupbios setting readfile biosetting

    Uses the saved configuration file (biosetting) to change the BIOS settings. 


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18 Oct 2021



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