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Force 10 - PVST on Force10 switch blocks untagged VLAN or puts port into err-disable when connected to Cisco or other third party switches

Summary: How to fix err-disable on connection between Force10 and Cisco or other vendor switches.

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When connecting a Force10 switch running PVST to a Cisco switch the Force10 blocks the untagged VLAN or puts the port into err-disable state. Force10 switches do not allow PVST+ BPDU (tagged or untagged) on an untagged port. If this occurs the switch places the port into an err-disable state or blocks the untagged VLAN.  This could possibly cause the network not to converge.




To prevent this action on the switch you can use the no spanning-tree pvst err-disable cause invalid-pvst-bpdu command from the interface specific configuration mode. After this entry if the port receives a PVST+ BPDU on the untagged VLAN the BPDU is dropped and the port remains operational.


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Force10 MXL Blade, Force10 S50-01-GE-48T-V, Force10 S50-01-GE-48T, PowerSwitch S4810P, PowerSwitch S5000, Force10 S50P, Force10 S55T, Force10 S60-44T, PowerSwitch S6000, Dell Networking Z9500

Last Published Date

21 Feb 2021



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