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Alienware 15 R2 & 17 R3 - External LCD Display will flash when playing a video

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Alienware 15 R2 & 17 R3 - External LCD Display will flash when playing a video




    This article will show you how to solve LCD distortion, lines, flickering issues with your Alienware 15 R2 and 17 R3 when playing videos on an external LCD 4K display.

    Problem Description

    The laptop LCD will be flickering if use an UHD resolution (3840 X 2160) and in addition an external 4k monitor is connected using a Type-C dongle.

    To replicate the issue, Boot to the Operating System , connect the 4K monitor with Type C to HDMI/VGA dongle and play a video (using Clone mode for Dual Monitors). The laptop  LCD can play normal, but sometimes  the LCD will flash or show garbage in the screen.


    Work-around / Solution

    If you want to play a 4k video by external monitor which is connected with Type-C to unit. Please keep your external display mode at ‘projector only’/ ‘second screen only’ mode then play the video.

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    Affected Product

    Alienware 15 R2, Alienware 17 R3

    Last Published Date

    10 Apr 2021



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