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Dell Enterprise HDD : What is the meaning of LED on Physical Drives (PD) ?

Summary: Explanation of the backplane LED indicators.

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SLN305722_en_US__1icon Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: "Raid and Disks" available here .


On hotswap drives, the backplane provides two LED indicators per drive that transmit light to the top of their respective caddies.
  • The light on the left is managed by the drive itself and indicates activity on the drive.
  • The indicator on the right is controller by the backplane in conjunction with the storage controller and is used to indicate drive status.

This article explains the differents states possible of the physical drive:

SLN305722_en_US__2PrtScr capture 1 . physical disk activity indicator
2 . physical disk status indicator
4 . physical disk eject button


Drive-status indicator pattern (RAID only) Condition
Blinks green two times per second Identifying drive or preparing for removal.
Blinks green, amber, and turns off Predicted drive failure
Blinks amber four times per second Drive failed
Blinks green slowly Drive rebuilding
Steady green Drive online
Blinks green three seconds, amber three seconds,
and turns off six seconds
Rebuild aborted
Off Ready for insertion/removal or not detected





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14 Oct 2021



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