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Create Your Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Summary: This article gives instructions on creating a Password Reset Disk for Windows 7, which allows users to recover from a lost or forgotten password. This is a major security feature ofSee more

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Table of Contents:

  1. Why Do I Need a Password Reset Disk?
  2. Create a Password Reset Disk

Topic 1: Why Do I Need a Password Reset Disk?
Microsoft Windows 7 is designed to prevent unauthorized users from getting access to your data. The user name and password feature of Windows 7 allows for security on folders, internet access, printers, and network devices.
If you ever lose or forget the password for your Windows 7 computer, a Password Reset Disk allows you to regain access to the computer and change the password.
If you do not create and maintain a Password Reset Disk for your computer and the password is lost or forgotten, you will need to reinstall Windows 7 and lose all of your data.

Topic 2: Create a Password Reset Disk
Use a floppy disk or USB memory key to create a Password Reset Disk using the following Microsoft instructions:
How to Create a Password Reset Disk
SLN71714_en_US__1new_note Note:  
  Anyone can use this disk or key to access your account on this computer, so it is important that you store the disk/key in a secure but accessible location.  
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